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  • LG’s 14-inch Gram laptop sets new Guinness World Record

    LG Electronics said Thursday its ultralight laptop has secured its place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The company’s 14-inch (35.6 centimeters) ultralight Gram, which was launched early this month, weighs 860 grams. “Guinness World Records confirmed LG’s new ultralight Gram is the lightest in the world after measuring around 70 models of 14-inch   Read more

  • Hyundai, Kia flag nearly record-breaking sales in France

    Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors sold a combined 61,727 automobiles in France last year, just 24 units short of setting a new record, industry data showed Wednesday. The automakers sold a record 61,751 units in 2012, according to state-run Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency. Hyundai Motor sold 28,043 units, up 17 percent on-year, while Kia Motors   Read more

  • Samsung BioLogics eyes multiple supply deals

    Samsung BioLogics is in discussions with over 15 global pharmaceutical firms on multiple supply deals, the company’s CEO said, as the biopharmaceutical unit of South Korea’s Samsung Group expands its presence in the global pharmaceutical market. “Samsung BioLogics already inked deals worth US$2.9 billion with six global pharmaceutical firms to supply a total of nine   Read more

  • Korea’s finance minister meets with Wall Street heavyweights

    South Korea’s finance minister met with leaders of global investment banks in Wall Street to brief them on the country’s recent economic situations and its fiscal policy road map, his office here said Wednesday. In a meeting with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein in New York on Tuesday (US time), Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho stressed   Read more

  • Flynn likens Korea-US alliance to ‘sticky rice cake’

    Incoming US National Security Advisor Mike Flynn vowed to further strengthen the US alliance with South Korea, likening the relationship to a “sticky rice cake,” an official said Tuesday. Sticky rice cake is often used as a metaphor for an inseparable bond in Korean culture. Flynn made the remark when he met with his South   Read more

  • H.INCFree Member

    INTRODUCTION HMAC Co is an agricultural firm founded in August 2004 and our business philosophy is to contribute to the healthy growth of the herbal medicine industry Topquality herbal medicine manufactured and supplied by HMAC Co to 2400 oriental clinics and pharmacies is identified with HPLC and MASS technology Stateoftheart technologies taking...

  • J.LOVEFree Member

    Jejulove is the first company that manufacturing Cactus powder Dandelion Chrysanthemum tea Hanrabong Dekopon tea and Cosmetics with a cluster of Scoria Scorir in Jeju Island Especially for Dangelion and Chrysanthemum tea Jejulove has a 100000 pyeong direct management farm with direct agriculture by green farming techniques Jejulove does the...

  • O.CLFree Member

    Ohyang has attempted to differentiate itself from other companies by using all parts of lacquer tree plants as food ingredients Ohyang located in the lacquer special industrial region of Okcheon removes poisonous urushiol from lacquer With the food production technology acknowledged by the Korean Food and Drug Administration we are...

  • D.CLFree Member

    Our company manufactures and processes fermented medicinal handmade teas As many people have much interest in their health we have developed a medicinal tea which is immediately served with hot water no teabag Besides this our company produces red ginseng powder bean powder and Sunsik mixed powder with various grains We are located in the...

  • M.F.CLFree Member

    We are a leading company on potable tea and jelly Main products are potable30gr teaCitron Ginger vinegar etc and potable jelly1015gr jellycollagen ginseng etc Our company was established to create a new food culture compatible with the 21st century It provides convenient and nutritious food to those who live a busy life trying to acclimate to...

  • I.HEALTHFree Member

    About Us We look for things that would make as many people happy And we try to convey them in the best way Before we started this business we pondered much on what would make as many people happy Shining precious stones expensive clothes or advanced technology can possibly make people happy However we dont believe they can make as many people...

  • B.CLFree Member

    Blue Snail lets us relax and fill our hearts with happiness while discovering value and preciousness by slowing down and taking it easy in todays fastpaced world All of our staffs promise to provide best service to satisfy our customers We are manufacturing and selling high quality heating products And we will do our best to be a healty...

  • G.CLFree Member

    Gin Seng is the combination of Gintreasure precious and delicious thingsand Sengalive giving birth fresh and creation The name represents our determination to make precious and delicious food good enough to add vigor to life We are committed to inherit the trust of the consumers for traditional oriental snacks by introducing the products of our...


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