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  • Celltrion’s Rituxan biosimilar wins European approval

    South Korea’s Celltrion announced Wednesday that the European Medicines Agency has granted sales approval to Truxima, its biosimilar drug referencing Roche’s blockbuster lymphatic cancer drug Rituxan. Truxima is the first ever Rituxan (rituximab) biosimilar to be approved by the European drug regulator, as well as the first ever Europe-approved biosimilar monoclonal antibody used to target   Read more

  • Majority of Korean exporters oppose revision to commercial law

    More than half of exporters in South Korea are against a proposed revision to the commercial law aimed at limiting the power of large shareholders in their respective firms that often comes at the expense of smaller shareholders, a survey showed Monday. In a recent survey conducted by the Korea International Trade Association, 50.5 percent   Read more

  • Hyundai Motor enters electric car-sharing market

    Hyundai Motor is rolling out a car-sharing service alongside Hyundai Capital, with the launch planned for this April, the firm said Tuesday. The first models to be offered will be electric cars, before further expanding, the company said. Hyundai Motor will contribute to the expansion of the eco-friendly car market by introducing car-sharing services, mainly   Read more

  • Report says Korea-US trade mutually beneficial

    South Korea continues to profit from its bilateral trade with the United States, but its trade surpluses largely come from outbound shipments of intermediate goods needed by US manufacturers to produce their own finished goods, making their trade both complementary and mutually beneficial, a report said Wednesday. According to the report from the Korea International   Read more

  • Korea to expand FTA network to offset US protectionism

    South Korea’s policymakers are scrambling to cope with rapid changes in global trade conditions as new US President Donald Trump has put into practice his protectionist pledges. Measures drawn up at their meeting last week focused on expanding the country’s network of free trade agreements with the rest of the world, increasing imports from the   Read more

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