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  • Tomocube’s light microscope enables realtime, 3-D observation of live cells

    DAEJEON — A medical device startup born from an applied physics lab at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is out to introduce a next-generation 3-D microscope that uses light to observe living cells in real time. Founded in 2015, Tomocube has developed a new holographic microscope that shoots weak laser light through   Read more

  • Divided nation marks Independence Movement Day

    Marking Independence Movement Day, millions of South Koreans poured onto the streets, turning central Seoul into a sea of national flags Wednesday. But this time, the nation is deeply divided, protesting for and against President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment. As the Constitutional Court is set to rule on whether to unseat or reinstate the scandal-ridden president   Read more

  • Samsung, Reliance Jio to connect rural India

    Samsung Electronics said it will team up with India’s Long Term Evolution mobile operator Reliance Jio Infocomm to build more high-speed wireless communication networks in India’s remote regions as well as major cities. Tapping the rapidly growing telco market in India, South Korea’s tech giant clinched an exclusive deal with Jio in 2012 to supply   Read more

  • Korea’s exports rise 20.2% in Feb.

    South Korea’s exports jumped 20.2 percent last month from a year earlier expanding at the fastest clip in five years on rising oil prices and recovering world trade, government data showed Wednesday. Outbound shipments came to $43.2 billion in February, up from $35.9 billion tallied a year earlier, according to the Ministry of Trade, Industry   Read more

  • Investing to stay young and beautiful

    The definition of “elderly” is becoming less clear by the day, as society turns older and those traditionally grouped as seniors become younger in terms of health, appearance and economic activity. It has led to the coining of the new term “No-no generation” in South Korea, a combination of the English word “no” and the   Read more

  • H.S.I.COMPANYFree Member

    Since our company was established in 1988 we have been producing various metal crafts and interior decorating products We have 12 kinds of industrial property rights and 3 quality certificates and is selected as one of the excellent small businesses in Incheon We pursue functionality and beauty grafting excellent design onto the products which...

  • L.CLFree Member

    Company Introduction Your valuable photos will become masterpieces when put together in Lizan We have been walking a single path for the last 25 years The company was founded in 1986 based on Daewon Guild that produced wedding album matte paper Already in its 25th year the company has the longest history in Korea and expanded together with its...

  • K.CLFree Member

    Introduction KTS was founded in 2000 as the first localization of a louver system Today it is already a major construction company including the construction of treatment for domestic suppliers Assistive Technology Division was established in 2004 as Koreas first pitch and the development of electric drive and control industrial employment of...

  • Y.E.COFree Member

    Established in 1979 Yoohan Enterprise Co produces and sells all sorts of photorelated items to photo studios and wedding studios All our highquality products such as photo key chains photo cellular phone chains mini albums mini frames photo mirrors photo cutter machines etc are having a good reputation in many photo studios and wedding studios as...

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    Main businesses of Samsung DD Samsung DD will become a company that takes on new challenges and tries to develop advanced technologies in order to become the best company in the industry Image roll screen We are proud of our latest high resolution large digital printers that can print various colors We develop the designs directly following...