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Latest news of Concrete and cement and plaster

Korean Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Established as per Industrial Development Act, the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (KOCEMA’s) objective is to support and promote the construction supplies industry and cultivate friendly relations among its parts to help the sound development of the business and in addition to the upgrade and improvement of the national economy. The most imperative and challenging   Read more

Korean National Oil Corporation

Korean National Oil Corporation (KNOC) was established to help the stability of national economy by securing vitality supply against crises related to oil through the key Petroleum stock piling and petroleum development. Since its beginning in 1979, Knock has developed 9 oil stockpiling bases with aggregate limit of 146 million barrels to secure the stable   Read more

Interesting facts about KOMAF (Korea Machinery Fair)

KOMAF (Korea Machinery Fair), which has been held biennially since 1977 as a pioneer of machinery exhibition, will be held on the biggest scale from 16-19 October, 2013 at Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) As one of the best machinery fair in Korea, KOMAF 2013 brings leading machinery organizations in one area and makes simple   Read more

Something about FITI Testing and Research Institute.

FITI has been doing at its best for customer’s satisfaction by giving testing analysis, quality assessment and quality assurance in the field industrial raw materials, textiles, environmental containment’s and bio-materials so forth with professional and specialized manpower and progressed testing equipment’s, organizing with world leading testing institutions. What’s more FITI likewise tries to help enhancing   Read more

Its all about Korean Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association

Established in accordance with the industrial Development Act, the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (KOCEMA’s) objective is to promote and help the development supplies industry and cultivate cordial relations and collaborations among its members to help the sound development of the business too as to the upgrade and improvement of the Korean national economy. The   Read more

  • DooYoung TNS CorporationGold Member

    We DooYoung TS was established in April 2000 as a company specialized in construction materials and since then we have been developing and selling a variety of functional construction materials for about a decade environmentconscious in the standpoint of customers Our RD institute established to serve a variety of customers needs in 2004 in...

  • APEXE. CO., LTD.Gold Member

    Excellency and Innovation of Apexels nano technology Nano technology has been growing explosively because creating new materials and devices could realize new improved properties and functionalities Apexel CoLtd has specialized in RD and production of nano powder in any sizes of any materials under any conditions without dispersant The nano...

  • HK Dr.Floor Co., Ltd.Gold Member

    INTRODUCTION We HK DrFloor Co Ltd is a specialized floor finishing materials company which performs from the production of finishing materials related with concretes such as DrCrete DrColor DrColorpowder DrSealer DrCleaner etc up to the constructions by use of our own DF construction method Current problems of organic solvent were solved by...

  • kyeonGold Member

    Building Construction...