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Latest news of Concrete and cement and plaster

Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association

Established in accordance with the industrial Development Act, the Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association ( KOCEMA’s) objective is to promote and support well the development supplies  industry and encourage agreeable relations and cooperative energies among our parts to help the sound development of the business and additionally to the improvement and advancement of our national read more

It’s all about Korea Paper Manufacturer’s Association

KPMA was established in 1952 with a plan and aim a robust improvement of pulp and paper commercial enterprises in Korea. Presently it speaks to Korean pulp and paper commercial enterprises with 22 normal and 26 partner part organizations. The level of innovation and offices of Korean paper industry is one of the most astounding read more

Something about Korean Institute of Science and Technology

KISTI is an institute funded by government intended to boost the effectiveness of science and innovation R&d and help cutting edge R&d for scientists. KISTI has established the framework for modern R&d by gathering science and engineering data from nations around the globe and giving the data to organizations and exploration foundations. Likewise, KISTI has read more

Something about Korean information Display Society

Despite the fact that the idea of “presentation” has long been connected with and bound by the restricted range of cathode beam tubes (Crts), the sudden blast of data in our general public as of late as far as both volume and assorted qualities has raised “showcase” to the status of a coordinated media idea. read more

Korea Society of Radiation Bioscience

Korea Society of Radiation Bio science comprises of scientists and researchers in both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical ranges. Solution zones incorporate radiation oncology, atomic prescription, radiation crisis conclusion, pathology, and diagnostics. Non-prescription zones incorporate science in colleges and establishments, regions that utilize radiation, atomic science, atomic force security, and different territories that utilization radiation and study read more

All about KEPCO.

In the course of the 114 years, KEPCO has made ‘history of light’ by serving as the dependable supplier of top-quality electric force.  KEPCO is currently proceeding with its legacy of the past to construct a brighter future with Green & Smart R & D and spirits to extend Korea to worldwide markets. Korea Electric read more

Korea Sports Promotion Foundation

Korea Sports Promotion Foundation has raised national games limited time stores from cycling, speedboat hustling, Sport TOTO and helped them to the upgrade of life gauges through the games and work out schedules. The establishment is completely dedicated to its social obligations as an open organization. Since its establishment in the year 1989, it had read more

Its all about KOMMA ( Korean Machine Tool Manufacturer’s Association )

KOMMA was established  in April 1979, and will consequently commend the 30th celebration of its establishment one year from now. KOMMA is comprised of 160 part organizations which cover  80% of aggregate machine apparatus creation starting July, 2009. KOMMA does seek after formation of new interest for parts and abroad association with abroad association to read more

Something to know about Korean Railway Association

The Korea Railway Association (KORASS) was established in the year May 2009 with the aspiration and aim to unite the line group of the whole country. The Association backings trade and collaboration forms among its parts, and goes about as a point of convergence for ‘green development’, an idea that is accepting expanding vitality in read more

Agricultural machinery and its supply in South Korea.

In the History of South Korea Agriculture mechanization, energy tillers were used mainly for ground planning and tillage. Binders and threshers were used in growing until the nineteen seventies and rice trans plantation was normally done by farm owners. Along with these devices, walking-type feed trans plant containers and vehicles started to be presented in read more

  • APEXE. CO., LTD.Gold Member

    Excellency and Innovation of Apexels nano technology Nano technology has been growing explosively because creating new materials and devices could realize new improved properties and functionalities Apexel CoLtd has specialized in RD and production of nano powder in any sizes of any materials under any conditions without dispersant The nano...

  • HK Dr.Floor Co., Ltd.Gold Member

    INTRODUCTION We HK DrFloor Co Ltd is a specialized floor finishing materials company which performs from the production of finishing materials related with concretes such as DrCrete DrColor DrColorpowder DrSealer DrCleaner etc up to the constructions by use of our own DF construction method Current problems of organic solvent were solved by...

  • DooYoung TNS CorporationGold Member

    We DooYoung TS was established in April 2000 as a company specialized in construction materials and since then we have been developing and selling a variety of functional construction materials for about a decade environmentconscious in the standpoint of customers Our RD institute established to serve a variety of customers needs in 2004 in...

  • kyeonGold Member

    Building Construction...