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Latest news of Concrete and cement and plaster

  • Foreign Automakers Growing Rapidly in Korea

    The sales of foreign automakers in Korea skyrocketed last year to exceed the annual domestic sales of Kia Motors, not to mention GM Korea and Renault Samsung Motors, for the first time in history. The annual sales of the foreign car manufacturers are predicted to continue to grow during the course of this year as   Read more

  • Korean Government to Nurture 50 Globally-competitive Software Companies by 2017

    The Korean government will provide greater R&D assistance for promising software developers. The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning announced on April 12 that it carries out the K-ICT Software Global Leading Strategy to this end. The plan is to select eight fields for the development of basic software technology, including operating system development   Read more

  • 300 Global Companies to Study Korean IT Success Cases at 2015 Global Mobile Vision Conference

    The South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MTIE) and the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIFP) will hold the 2015 Global Mobile Vision (GMV) from Sept. 16 to 18 at KINTEX in Goyang, South Korea, according to a KINTEX representative. The eighth GMV will be double the size of last years’.   Read more

  • South Korea Enhances SME Water Industry

    South Korea is developing its water industry with ambitions towards the global market by constituting a “waterwork technology development convention.” The Ministry of Environment (ME) held the establishment ceremony of a “waterworks technology development convention” on April 14 at EXCO in Daegu. In accordance with the convention, the local governments will let South Korean small   Read more

  • South Korea’s ratio of corporate debt to GDP high: report

    South Korea has a high ratio of corporate debt to gross domestic product, a parliamentary report showed Monday, raising concern it could erode the nation’s growth potential down the road. According to the report submitted to Rep. Oh Jae-sae and based on data collected from the McKinsey Global Institute, the size of South Korea’s corporate   Read more

  • APEXE. CO., LTD.Gold Member

    Excellency and Innovation of Apexels nano technology Nano technology has been growing explosively because creating new materials and devices could realize new improved properties and functionalities Apexel CoLtd has specialized in RD and production of nano powder in any sizes of any materials under any conditions without dispersant The nano...

  • HK Dr.Floor Co., Ltd.Gold Member

    INTRODUCTION We HK DrFloor Co Ltd is a specialized floor finishing materials company which performs from the production of finishing materials related with concretes such as DrCrete DrColor DrColorpowder DrSealer DrCleaner etc up to the constructions by use of our own DF construction method Current problems of organic solvent were solved by...

  • DooYoung TNS CorporationGold Member

    We DooYoung TS was established in April 2000 as a company specialized in construction materials and since then we have been developing and selling a variety of functional construction materials for about a decade environmentconscious in the standpoint of customers Our RD institute established to serve a variety of customers needs in 2004 in...

  • kyeonGold Member

    Building Construction...