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  • Admixture for Ultra High Strength Concrete

    Admixture for Ultra High Strength Concrete

    1. Possible to achieve the strength at early age. 2. Enhancement of long time strength. 3. Protective effect of alkali reaction. 4. Enhancement of chemical resistance to sulphate. 5. Protective effect of steel bar corrosion by...

    APEXE. CO., LTD.

  • DrCleaner


    DR.Cleaner(3.75 L) DRCLEANER floor surface cleaner is a product made of natural orange oil, and non-ion surfactant as main raw materials, which was invented to remove easily various kinds of dirts on the surface by use of the mechanism of...

    HK Dr.Floor Co., Ltd.

  • DrCrete


    DRCRETE that manufactured by HK DRFLOOR Co., Ltd. is a semi-permanent product that goes with the life of concrete with one application. Instruction of Products DRCRETE permeates the pores of concrete surface to cause the calcification which...

    HK Dr.Floor Co., Ltd.



    As pavement material, where porous asphalt are filled with polymer cement paste (rapid hardening cement, blast slag powder, polymer, pigment, admixture etc), LOHASCON has softness of asphalt pavement and hardness of concrete. In other word,...

    DooYoung TNS Corporation

  • Capping material SuperCap-5

    Capping material SuperCap-5

    Capping Material for Concrete Cylinder Mold : SuperCap-5 SuperCap-5 is Capping material for Concrete Cylinder Mold made of rapid hardening agent in Calcium Aluminate series, expansive admixture in Calcium Sulfo...

    DooYoung TNS Corporation



    FLOWMIX AEA *Major Composition : Vinsol family *Usage Concrete roads and runways Structures easily affected by frost damages When using aggregates with poor granularity Ready-mixed concrete and normal construction sites *Features...




    Not like conventional chemical reducers, its electrical conductivity renders it capable of securing larger area of contact with the earth surface, resulting in producing excellent ground resistance effect and instantly eliminating abnormal...


  • Altong JSS-77

    Altong JSS-77

    Altong JSS-77, as an innovative product to improve the performance of any subaqueous concrete. It is an insoluble powder waterproof admixture for the subaqueous concrete, It s resistance against any chemical and any freezing and thawing damage is...


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  • APEXE. CO., LTD.Gold Member

    Excellency and Innovation of Apexels nano technology Nano technology has been growing explosively because creating new materials and devices could realize new improved properties and functionalities Apexel CoLtd has specialized in RD and...

  • HK Dr.Floor Co., Ltd.Gold Member

    INTRODUCTION We HK DrFloor Co Ltd is a specialized floor finishing materials company which performs from the production of finishing materials related with concretes such as DrCrete DrColor DrColorpowder DrSealer DrCleaner etc up to the...

  • DooYoung TNS CorporationGold Member

    We DooYoung TS was established in April 2000 as a company specialized in construction materials and since then we have been developing and selling a variety of functional construction materials for about a decade environmentconscious in the...

  • kyeonGold Member

    Building Construction...

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