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Latest news of Concrete and cement and plaster

  • International Cooperation of Korea Electric Association

      The Korea Electric Association continues to solidify the international exchange and interplay with other countries including the United States, China and Japan, with the advent of the global era in the 21st century.  Korea Electric Association with Japan Electric Association jointly held ‘Korea- Japan Electric Technology Exchange Conference’. To be a part of advancing   Read more

  • In South Korea, the Cost of Mobile Device is highest among OECD countries.

    In South Korea, the cost of the mobile devices are most expensive ranking as Number 1 among OECD countries. Based on the data submitted by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, the  average cost of cellular phone handsets in Korea took the first place in the world in 2013,  equivalent to US$230.56, up from No.   Read more

  • IT Giants compete to usher in 5G era.

    Fifth-generation (5G) technology and networks that are capable of handling data related to moible traffic at incredible speeds at World IT show 2014 in Busan were showcased by Global IT giants. SK Telecom, KT, Samsung, LG and Hauwei allowed visitors in their exhibition booths, to take a glimpse of how people’s lives change with the   Read more

  • SKT and Daewoo Shipbuilding agree to develop ‘smart ship’

    Korea’s top mobile carrier, SK Telecom (SKT) and Daewoo shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), the world’s second-largest shipbuilder have teamed up to deveop ICT – based “smart ships”. It signed a memorandum of understanding with DSME to cooperate in a research and development venture to build the high-tech, next-generation ships SKT said. While all the   Read more

  • Kuwait Bridge Construction order Won by GS E&C

    One of the South Korea’s Leading Builders, GE E&C, said that it has won a 604.1 billion won (US$572.3 million) order to build a bridge in Kuwait. To Connect Shawaikh Port with Entertainment City, the Doha Link Bridge project calls for an eight-lane bridge. With 7.72 km being built over water, the bridge will span   Read more

  • APEXE. CO., LTD.Gold Member

    Excellency and Innovation of Apexels nano technology Nano technology has been growing explosively because creating new materials and devices could realize new improved properties and functionalities Apexel CoLtd has specialized in RD and production of nano powder in any sizes of any materials under any conditions without dispersant The nano...

  • HK Dr.Floor Co., Ltd.Gold Member

    INTRODUCTION We HK DrFloor Co Ltd is a specialized floor finishing materials company which performs from the production of finishing materials related with concretes such as DrCrete DrColor DrColorpowder DrSealer DrCleaner etc up to the constructions by use of our own DF construction method Current problems of organic solvent were solved by...

  • DooYoung TNS CorporationGold Member

    We DooYoung TS was established in April 2000 as a company specialized in construction materials and since then we have been developing and selling a variety of functional construction materials for about a decade environmentconscious in the standpoint of customers Our RD institute established to serve a variety of customers needs in 2004 in...

  • kyeonGold Member

    Building Construction...