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  • Tomocube’s light microscope enables realtime, 3-D observation of live cells

    DAEJEON — A medical device startup born from an applied physics lab at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is out to introduce a next-generation 3-D microscope that uses light to observe living cells in real time. Founded in 2015, Tomocube has developed a new holographic microscope that shoots weak laser light through   Read more

  • Divided nation marks Independence Movement Day

    Marking Independence Movement Day, millions of South Koreans poured onto the streets, turning central Seoul into a sea of national flags Wednesday. But this time, the nation is deeply divided, protesting for and against President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment. As the Constitutional Court is set to rule on whether to unseat or reinstate the scandal-ridden president   Read more

  • Samsung, Reliance Jio to connect rural India

    Samsung Electronics said it will team up with India’s Long Term Evolution mobile operator Reliance Jio Infocomm to build more high-speed wireless communication networks in India’s remote regions as well as major cities. Tapping the rapidly growing telco market in India, South Korea’s tech giant clinched an exclusive deal with Jio in 2012 to supply   Read more

  • Korea’s exports rise 20.2% in Feb.

    South Korea’s exports jumped 20.2 percent last month from a year earlier expanding at the fastest clip in five years on rising oil prices and recovering world trade, government data showed Wednesday. Outbound shipments came to $43.2 billion in February, up from $35.9 billion tallied a year earlier, according to the Ministry of Trade, Industry   Read more

  • Investing to stay young and beautiful

    The definition of “elderly” is becoming less clear by the day, as society turns older and those traditionally grouped as seniors become younger in terms of health, appearance and economic activity. It has led to the coining of the new term “No-no generation” in South Korea, a combination of the English word “no” and the   Read more

  • V.CLFree Member

    Introduction Viewtron Co Ltd is the leader of new generation LED and LCD TV and DVD solution We develop our technology and use it for the tunnel guidance light LED street lamp LED traffic controlling sign system etc Now we set a new target to become the leader in LED solution for the nextgeneration As the economy development in our country...

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    GREENCLEVER is a small but strong company with Solar LED Application Technology and Ecosystem Emulation Technology as well Product ranges are Solar LED Lantern LED Flash LED Growing Lamps LED Aquarium and so on GREENCLEVER is trying to expand itself by operating online shopping mallhttpwwwbuyngivekr with more than 15680...

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    INTRODUCE GK Lighting is a company specializing in LED lighting for the pursuit of a green environment innovative energy saving technology and a comfortable lifestyle We are proudly competing in the global market with our reliable quality and services using advanced technology and through our passion for LED lighting Our main business is...

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    One and only product produced in the world is our motto As a promising company holds more than 250 inventions Light sticks widely used in concert And a light pen used during the night shift in the industry or the military are our main production items Also public facilities such as pavement marker Ecofriendly products pajukgi are...

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    LED lights by DaerimENG Excellent quality products that have been verified through KS certification registration as an excellent procurement company performance certification and reliability evaluation etc Design and manufacture of optimal lighting through the optical lens simulation program which has a registered patent of...

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    AIMAI is leading company in the world of handheld lighting Every field has its leading light a company that routinely breaks the bonds of convention and reaches for the sky In the world of handheld lighting that company is AIMAIInc with its STARFIRE brand of performance LED flashlights STARFIRE products from the beginning were and continue to...