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  • LG’s 14-inch Gram laptop sets new Guinness World Record

    LG Electronics said Thursday its ultralight laptop has secured its place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The company’s 14-inch (35.6 centimeters) ultralight Gram, which was launched early this month, weighs 860 grams. “Guinness World Records confirmed LG’s new ultralight Gram is the lightest in the world after measuring around 70 models of 14-inch   Read more

  • Hyundai, Kia flag nearly record-breaking sales in France

    Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors sold a combined 61,727 automobiles in France last year, just 24 units short of setting a new record, industry data showed Wednesday. The automakers sold a record 61,751 units in 2012, according to state-run Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency. Hyundai Motor sold 28,043 units, up 17 percent on-year, while Kia Motors   Read more

  • Samsung BioLogics eyes multiple supply deals

    Samsung BioLogics is in discussions with over 15 global pharmaceutical firms on multiple supply deals, the company’s CEO said, as the biopharmaceutical unit of South Korea’s Samsung Group expands its presence in the global pharmaceutical market. “Samsung BioLogics already inked deals worth US$2.9 billion with six global pharmaceutical firms to supply a total of nine   Read more

  • Korea’s finance minister meets with Wall Street heavyweights

    South Korea’s finance minister met with leaders of global investment banks in Wall Street to brief them on the country’s recent economic situations and its fiscal policy road map, his office here said Wednesday. In a meeting with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein in New York on Tuesday (US time), Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho stressed   Read more

  • Flynn likens Korea-US alliance to ‘sticky rice cake’

    Incoming US National Security Advisor Mike Flynn vowed to further strengthen the US alliance with South Korea, likening the relationship to a “sticky rice cake,” an official said Tuesday. Sticky rice cake is often used as a metaphor for an inseparable bond in Korean culture. Flynn made the remark when he met with his South   Read more

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    INTRODUCTION Seasoned laver products manufactured by ARIUL 21FOOD are processed for export and domestic sales with the raw laver cultured in Gogunsan Islands Gaeyado Seonyudo Yamido Sinsido and Biando in the west sea of Korea Customer health is top priority of ARIUL 21FOOD the leader of the Saemangeum Ariul global city who has been putting...

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    DongYangSuSan is located in BoryeongCity ChungnamProvince in Korea where nature and water are ecologically wellpreserved and there are four distinct seasons Adhering to the management principles of Healthy Food and Wholesome Food all employees are committed to produce the best quality dried fish products that were sourced from the clean waters of...

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    Chambada seafood opened the new market of the seafood trading in Korea and has been doing the role to serve the fresh and clean seafood on the customers table producing the abundant fresh seafood source through the development of the New farm fishery system to offer securely not only the fresh and clean but also various seafood over 10 years...

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    INTRODUCTION Bak HyangHui Gui Gui Gim uses only pure salt that passes inspection for heavy metals toxins and safety in accordance with FDA standards Bak HyangHui Gui Gui Gim produces only the products without MSG preservatives coloring and spices Bak HyangHui Gui Gui Gim is recognized as the leader of wellbeing food by only producing foods in...