About Us

No of Employees:1/1/1950
Markets:Australia , Brazil , Japan , South Korea , Mexico
About us:Hanil Lubtec Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 as a specialist in centralized lubrication by today's chairman Hyun-Tae, Kim. Today the company has grown to be a leading company in the field of lubrication technology and deceleration technology in Korea and to be a strong competitor against the major makers in the fields around the world. Over the past 3 decades, Hanil Lubtec has developed technologies of her own, released plenty of new products/models and ceaselessly tried to improve quality of her products/service. Hanil lubtec has delivered various kinds of lubrication equipment and shock absorbers to lots of local and foreign customers including iron/steel works, paper companies and heavy industries companies since 1974. POSCO is our biggest customer and we are a registered vendor for maintenance parts supplier in POSCO. And other major makers and end-user companies are our customers, like INI steel, Dongkuk steel, Union steel, Seah steel and etc. for iron/steel works and Hyundai, Hanjin, Doosan, Samsung, Daewoo and etc. for heavy industries companies. As a specialist company in lubrication our business covers not only manufacturing lubrication equipment such as grease pumps and distributors but also designing, engineering and installing almost all kinds of lubrication systems from centralized grease/oil lubrication systems to bulk type grease refill system and circulating oil lubrication system. We found a business opportunity in industrial hydraulic shock absorber early in the 1980's and we started producing the shock absorbers in 1985 We have plenty of general purpose shock absorbers in order to meet wide range of common applications however modified or specially designed shock absorber is available on order specification. With the design software, the computerized performance tester and the endurance tester, our customers are provided with high quality and long life industrial shock absorbers. Hanil lubtec is a reliable maker of high quality lubrication equipment and shock absorber, moreover the company tries every second to read what its customers need, to make her products better and to develop new technology, finally the company always seeks to make her customers satisfied with more than what they want.