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  • GCC(Global Commercialization Center) Project is executing by KIAT( Korea Institute for Advancement of technology), A subsidiary of Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy who supports Korean business to thrive in the international arena. Through this project KIAT supports Korean business to build global networks, access new markets, perform joint projects and research, and access world-leading technology. GCC provides solutions for obstacles that domestic companies who have great technology which need to be commercialized through global partners.

Scope of the Project

Identifying the technologies available,market analysis & evaluating the technologies, finding the potential partners globally, due delegation, IP Protection, Legal contracts and agreements and exciting the commercialization activities. Commercialization will happen through Technology transfer, Technology Licencing, Joint Venture Partnerships, Trade and Distribution Partnerships.

Supported Parters:

Government Supported Organizations, Industry Specific Associations and Organizations, Individual and Group Companies

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