World Class 300

What is The WORLD CLASS 300 Enterprises?

  • The enterprises which reinforce their growth capacity by themselves, secure their future growth engine and competitive superiority through a continuous innovation, and expand their market power while competing, dealing, and cooperating with global enterprises in the market with a great growth potential on the basis of the independence of their business relationships
  • Quantitative Scale : Small and Medium-sized enterprises which have overcome growth congestion and entered into a full-scale growth orbit.
  • Qualitative Characteristics : Continuous innovation, Securing of independence in Business relationships, High growth potential


  • The project in which the government aims at promoting 300 ‘World-Class’ enterprises by providing small and medium-sized enterprises with growth will and potential with a package of support policies required to expand their global market. The World Class 300 businesses can strengthen the weak industries, obtain next-generation growth engines, and create high-quality jobs.


  • Direction of progress
    • We establish environment that various supporting policies can intensively support small and medium-sized enterprises that have high potential of growth
    • Small and Medium Enterprises Support Center runs the selection committee and application as a single gateway. And also it figures out demands of support, carries out follow-up management and other tasks as a support window for companies
  • Details of support
    • We provide integrated types of support that are highly demanded for overseas expansion: professional manpower, capital R&D and global marketing
    • Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology(KIAT), KOTRA and other various policies will support the growth strategy of the companies