Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

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Jewelry Box ( Lacquer-ware inlaid with Mother of Pearl – Najeonchilgi)
Najeonchilgi is reputed as one of the finest examples of the traditional industrial art of Korea and its people.
As all things accomplish harmony of the dual principle of the cosmic dual forces, which symbolize the harmony of mountain and sea. Najeonchilgi is handmade craft made out of tree and abalone.
The attachment of pattern on the surface of frame is made of tree by processing shell of abalone or turban shell. Developed from the early 10th century, Najeonchilgi has been keeping the thread of
life within royal families. From 11 century up to present, it is now used as gift representing Korea for interaction and culture exchanges with other nations.
The moment you receive this, this meaningful Najeonchilgi will bring you the ever lasting love, the stronger friendships and the happiness of families as it always has been.
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