American VS Korean Skincare Routine !

Korean vs American Skincare Routine

American VS Korean Skincare Routine !

AMERICAN VS KOREAN SKINCARE! Who wins? They are different but the end goal is to have beautiful flawless skin. Which do you like most? Let’s have a quick look on both the skincare routine:

  • American Skincare:

    American VS Korean Skincare

The American Skin Care routines are pretty much 3 basic steps. First Cleansing, followed by Toneing, and finished with Moisturizing. Also eye cream for those with dark circles or puffy eyes are used followed with a sunscreen.

The cleansers  Americans use are more gel or cream-based cleansers. After that weekly exfoliation is done and has beads like texture! Then toning is done to remove excess of oil from the skin and at last moisturising is done. Now if somebody has puffy eyes or dark circles they use an cooling gel-textured under eye cream.

This prepping is finished with a good Sunblock lotion. Now-a-days, Americans use facial masks that are more like clay-textured and is meant to detox the skin. Thus, you’ll get a radiant and soft skin after washing-off the mask from the face!

Now, if we sum-up the whole American Skincare in American VS Korean Skincare routine, here it goes like this:

Only 3-4 basic steps are used: ” Cleansing, toning, exfoliating(weekly) and moisturizing. ” Apart from these basic steps, cooling eye gel and sunscreens are also used!


  • Korean Skincare in American VS Korean Skincare:

    American VS Korean Skincare

The Korean skincare routine is definitely something very serious! This 10-step routine requires a good dedication to achieve the most flawless and youthful skin you’ll ever have! Hence, what are you waiting for lets know more about Korean skincare regimen:

Double Cleansing:
Facial cleanser is used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants attacking the skin of the face. This helps unclog the pores and prevent skin conditions, like acne. Cleanser can be used once or twice a day, morning and night. Now why double cleansing, you ask? Because you should thoroughly cleanse your face with make-up remover and facial cleanser, do not go to sleep with make-up still on! Big no-no.

The sheet masks are in, it’s the secret to glowing skin. A facial massage improves blood circulation and it’s a good stress reliever. It stimulates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to improve the elasticity of your skin. Also, it opens up the pores and pushes the dirt embedded in your skin out. Which means visibly fresher, younger looking skin with a wonderful glow.Try to incorporate a facial massage into your routine at least 2 times a week!

Is toner necessary? Some people believe that toners are useless. But toners actually remove dead skin cells and residue for cleansers. Choose a toner that is suitable for your skin!

A cream or lotion that works as a light moisturizer that retains the moisture in your skin. This is needed for all skin types, but is best for dry, mature skin type.

Essence or serums are a very light, liquid concentrated treatments to correct skin problems. Essence is easier absorbed and penetrates deep into the skin, better than regular moisturizers. For best results, wait 5 minutes after you apply serums before regular moisturizer for maximum absorption.

Moisturizer increases the skin’s water content, protect the skin, and encourage an orderly shedding process that makes the skin appear more smooth. Choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin and use it diligently.

Eye Cream:
Eye creams are used to minimize dark circles, minimize bags and puffiness, and some even minimize wrinkles. Also some eye cream are used to moisturizing the eye area if they tend be dry.

American VS Korean Skincare

And Korean girls never forget to wear suncreen during day time. Thus, sunscreens are important part of their daily skincare routine at daytime.


Here is an Video Tutorial of  American Skincare Vs Korean Skincare, So, its time for you to decide the best of Skincare routine!

Well, now that you know both the skincare regimens are like what! Both of them does wonders to the skin, but the Korean routine not only provides you the most flawless skin but leaves your skin soft and supple making you look very youthful!


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