Best Korean Hair Removal Devices

Best Korean Hair Removal Devices

Removing body hair is something that every girl is concerned about. Wearing sleeveless dresses, skirts, formals, informals etc., everything requires silky smooth skin. There are many measures to get hair free skin. Getting your body waxed is a popular option always. But pain is a nightmare to think of! Hence hair removal device is the best suited solution.

They help you get smooth Korean skin with a feathery touch.

This accounts for the reason hair removal devices being worth opting for to remove body hair with minimal and painless efforts.


  • Silk’n Glide 50k Hair Remover

Silk’n Glide Permanent Hair Removal Device is a great hair removal device. It removes hair from all the regions of your body. Hair removal with this device is absolutely painless so you need not worry about the pain anymore. It is long lasting and safe to use at home.

The product does not need any refills. It has 50,000 hpl pulses. This means that your unwanted body hair won’t have any chance stay on your body anymore. The gliding and pulsating features eliminate unwanted hair with laser hair removal with any fuss at all.

This hair removal device is specially ideal for delicate body hair areas (with treatment surface- 3cm).

50,000 pulse leaves no room for refills.


Five energy levels and adjustable speed facilitate the process.


Silk’n Glide 50k Hair Remover Price- $ 180

Silk’n Glide 50k Hair Remover



  • Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

The brand image of this hair removal device is already excellent. Tria Beauty is a global leader in beauty and skin care.

Tria hair removal laser 4X is FDA approved product for at home hair removal. This hair removal device uses technology used by professional salon. Hence you get professional hair removal while sitting at home, while saving money as well. It results in professional and permanent results. Furthermore, laser- smooth skin from head to toe is of course the obvious benefit.


Tria laser 4X has advanced features like fast treatment, a digital display and a pulse counter. Thus makes sure that you get the best results.


Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Price- $450

Tria Hair Removal Laser



  • Aurora IPL Premium PL-200 Hair Removal

This hair removal device is an epilator. It helps in laser hair reduction at home. It helps remove upper lip hair, leg hair, arm hair, etc. You can easily find a handful of its sellers online.

It is one of its kind and a great hair removal device that you can ponder upon to get smooth Korean skin.

It is a no- pain device that gives you beautiful skin without any pain.


Aurora IPL Premium PL-200 HairRemoval Price- $598

Aurora IPL Premium PL-200 Hair Removal



If you are someone who loves smooth and hairless skin, but don’t want that pain because of waxing, hair removal device will help you.

Each hair removal device is made after years of research and Technological Innovations. They deliver you the best of results with minimal efforts possible. All that you need to do is, bring a hair removal device home, use it with care. And.. that is all! Enjoy the silky Korean texture of your skin.

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