How to do Top 5 Korean Makeup Looks?

Top 5 Korean Makeup Looks

How to do Top 5 Korean Makeup Looks?

Do you want to learn how to do Korean Makeup Looks? Let’s take a break from our usual makeup tutorials and celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of Korean makeup.

No makeup style is better and it’s quite fun to actually flip-flop between these different looks once in a while, just like Western makeup, Korean makeup has its own norm. Koreans are very religious with their skincare regimen and  their efforts really does show through their perfect dewy skin. Well, we can try and recreate the Korean makeup look. So, here are the 5 Korean makeup tutorials:

  • Everyday Look: Korean Makeup Looks

If there’s one notable thing about Korean makeup, it’s that they like to keep it simple and natural–like your makeup is barely there, but there are hints of color and here and there just to brighten up the face. Koreans like their go-to everyday natural look as it highlights their beautiful skin!

  • Glam Smokey Burgundy: 

    Give this glam smokey burgundy look a try! You don’t have to have purple hair honey, but if you feel like wearing contact lenses, you’re going to look fierce! Koreans love wearing contacts as this helps make their eyes look bigger and well–because colored contact lenses are fun to wear too! Match burgundy eyeshadow with gray contacts and you’ll look irresistibly sexy!

Check the video below:


  • Peachy Look Korean Makeup Looks:

    Korean Makeup Looks

Peach is an awesome color for spring and summer and here’s a Korean take on peach makeup. Truth is, Koreans are fond of the colors peach and pink when it comes to makeup because it complements their fair skin. Plus, these colors give the face a lively color without wearing a lot of makeup.


  • Bright Lips Look:

While Koreans like to keep their face makeup simple, often, they go for bright lips. For this makeup tutorial, that’s exactly what you’ll see. But, you’ll also notice this look is great for both daytime and nighttime. Actually, if you want to go bolder at night, go for a bright red lips!


  • Gradient Lips:

An original trend from Korean makeup. It’s about using two different shades of lip color on the lips, with the outer parts lighter and going darker at the center. There are several techniques to achieve this look, but it’s best to use a lip tint to achieve gradient lips. Nowadays, there are gradient lipsticks being sold too!

Verdict for Korean Makeup Looks:

It’s interesting to know about different makeup trends in different countries, you learn a lot about the culture and the people and with social media, it just seems like the makeup artistry world just got a lot bigger. Down below is a bonus video for Do’s and Don’ts for Korean Makeup Looks:


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