Korean Lip-tints You Must Try Now!

Korean Lip-tints

Korean Lip-tints You Must Try Now!

Korean Lip-tints are nothing but the lip-stains that gives you gives you a perfect gradient lips just like any K-popstar! This trend from Korea is becoming quite popular across the globe! And why not! These lip tints stain the lips, different from lipstick, which just rests on top of the lip which results in a much more long lasting lip color, which is often waterproof too!

Korean Lip-tints

Thus, here are the best Lip-tints from Korea you can’t afford to miss:

   1.Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack (Best of Korean Lip-tints):

Korean Lip-tints

A lip-tint that can stain your lips as well as protect the lips from dryness and other external hazards via natural ingredients! This pack comes with six beautiful shades. They are Virgin Red, Vivid Scarlet, Pure Pink. Bubble Pink and Pure Red. This lip-tint is a peel-off tint, you squeeze the generous amount of the product, apply it on your lips and peel-off the product after 15 minutes. It has a nice fruity scent and gives light coverage.

    2.  Tonymoly Bunny-Gloss:

Korean Lip-tints

If you are looking at trying a wide variety of colors and shades in a single package, this variety pack from Tony Moly comes with 9 lip tints. The Petit Bunny Gloss Bar comes in easy to carry package.It provides light coverage and has fruity scent. Thanks to the slim and pencil like design, thus you can swipe the stain across your lips on the go with a snap!

     3. Tonymoly Delight Tony-tint:

Korean Lip-tints

A liquid lip tint set with natural and nutritious ingredient. It contains Red, Cherry, and Scarlet shades and the colors really pop on your lips! This tint comes with a wand and provides medium coverage with fruity scent.

4.Peripera Peri’s Tint Water: Korean Lip-tints

A notable feature of Peripera Peri’s Tint Water is its texture and consistency. This a pretty lightweight lip stain that can cover the lip like magic. The natural ingredients in this product can keep your lips hydrated for longer periods of time and will protect your lips from dryness. It has got total 8 shades but doesn’t comes as a complete set.

  5. MSmask Waterproof Women Lady Peel-off Liquid-tint: Korean Lip-tints

The MSmask Peel-off Lip Tattoo is another peel-off lip-tint that can mask your lips with your desired colour. This lip tint is completely waterproof , you can sport your tinted lips even while splashing into swimming pools or beaches! Other than this Rose pink, you would also get to experience cherry red, lovely peach, and watermelon red from MSmask. It provides medium coverage.

6. LABIOTTE Wine Lip Tint: Korean Lip-tints

A lip tint in a wine bottle definitely makes sense! We’ve all had our lips stained from a delicious glass of wine. If you are looking for more of a natural look, this lip tint is a great pick because it can give you a shade that is pretty close to your own natural lip color. Also it has very sweet scent!

7.SkinFood Lip Balm: Korean Lip-tints

This lip tint from Skinfood has a jelly-like texture and it covers the lips perfectly. Also, thanks to its jelly-like consistency, it easily coats your lips. It’s technically more of a lip balm and gloss but gives the lips a light tint. This lip tint is a great pick because it’s long-lasting, easy to use, and moisturises the lips wonderfuly!

Thus, these were the 7 best picks as Korean Lip-tints that you must try for sure!


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