Korean Peel-Off Foundation: Pros and Cons

Korean Peel-Off Foundation: Pros and Cons

Korean Peel off foundation is now a new thing. This is the new innovation of Korean beauty world, to yet offer you quality sound results.

Korean peel off foundation is making promise to curb acne issues as well.

Foundations have always been almost same every time. It is either a liquid or a powder. When you wash the foundation, you do it with a good cleanser. But Korean peel off foundation is a recent trend. It is not like classic liquid or powder formula.

Korean peel off foundation is more like a peel off primer. You layer your foundation and other makeup on the top of it! (weird though!)

As the party or the day ends, you don’t have to grab a cleanser to clean your face. You only need to peel the Korean peel off foundation and everything will be gone at once.

Sounds very much.. unreal, right?

Here is an example for you.


Not4u Real Skin Patch

Not4u Real Skin Patch


It is actually for you, so don’t think of the name in your context (just saying.. *wink)

It creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup. But, why does it do that?

The main idea behind this is, it helps preventing your skin from acne that you get from products. And if you are thinking – Does it even work? You are about to get the answer now!

When applied prior to application of makeup, Korean peel off foundation creates a barrier (as stated before too). This barrier hence makes sure that your makeup and skin do not touch. It is furthermore a great thing indeed if you have a tough time with breakouts, yet you want to wear makeup.

You can obviously wear it with your makeup on the top of Korean peel off foundation. In addition to that, you can wear it alone as well. Its formulation is such that it keeps your skin protected from pollution and other harmful factors.

Furthermore, Korean peel off foundation creates perfectly good scope to say a bye- bye to your makeup remover. This is because the patch literally and actually peels your makeup right off, just like that. It is even more awesome to see it in action, than it sounds!

So in a nutshell, we can safely say that

Korean peel off foundation has following pros-


  • It beautifully acts as a primer.
  • Creates a protective shield against acne.
  • It allows you do your makeup over it.
  • You can peel it off as such, hence clearing your makeup as well.
  • Makeup removers can be actually avoided with the help of Korean peel off foundation.

So, aren’t these worth inviting?

In addition to a good side, things may have bad sides too. Or maybe they sometimes, in certain cases not work as intended.

Similarly there are some cons for Korean peel off foundation as well.

YouTubers are a bliss when it comes to testing the reliability of a product nowadays.. Recently a video came up wherein Not4u Real Skin Patch was tried actually.

There turned out some failures of the foundation too. These failures are as follows.

The cons to Korean peel off foundation include-


  • It sometimes (not always) starts peeling off as you start blending.
  • Peeling may strike you if it is not handled appropriately.
  • It should neither be layered too thin, not too thick. Adequately correct layering is a must. Otherwise, again a peel off episode might strike you.



But the consequences do not mean that Korean peel off foundation is not worth trying. Not all cases witness failure.

You only need to be careful as you use it. It is definitely worth trying, since the pros for sure balance out the cons!


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