Life Hack: This Next Generation Drain Unclogger will save your precious Time&Money !

Life Hack: This Next Generation Drain Unclogger will save your precious Time&Money !

Clean toilet and kitchen simply deliver you with good health. After all sanitation is the stepping stone to good health practices. Mr Pung provides you with the very same health and sanitation. A plunger helps to clear the blockage present in drains or pipes of kitchen or toilet.

Mr Pung adds on to this classic utility of the plungers. It helps to clear even the most stubborn blockages. It includes the blockages that the standard plungers can not shift.

The toilet and kitchen plunger described in here, hail from the brand- Mr Pung. It is a famous Korean (South Korean) brand.

These are the new high- tech concept based plungers.

Mr Pung Toilet Plunger

How do Mr Pung Kitchen and Toilet Plungers work?

  • It forms an air tight seal around the pipe. Therefore, a single blast of compressed air instantly dislodges and clears the blockage in pipe.
  • Mr Pung kitchen and toilet plunger also clears stubborn blockages.
  • They can even be regularly used to keep the pipes perfectly clear.


What is the Product Make Up Of Mr Pung Plunger?

These plungers come in a set of four main parts. They comprise of- main body, compression cap, lid and carbonic acid cylinder.

Next is- how to use Mr Pung Kitchen and Toilet Plungers. Well, using them is also a really simple task to do. You’d be able to unclog and clean up your toilet drains just like plumbers do. But far easily than them.

  • Assemble the main body and toilet cap by connecting it to the connector and turning to right.
  • Turn around the lift to left. Hence, put carbonic acid cylinder.
  • Close it by turning the lid towards the end of the right direction.
  • Now push the product in 45 degree with pressure. Make sure that the compression cap is fully stuck to the drain.
  • Push it towards the drain and press the button. Hence, your task will be done.
  • Now stand the product in 90 degrees towards the toilet canteen.
  • Separate the Mr Pung plunger slowly from the toilet.
  • Check for toilet sewage unclogging and release.
  • Repeat the process five minutes later as well, when the toilet won’t be fully unclogged.



Why Clean and Unclogged Toilet and Kitchen Pipes are Important?

Toilet and kitchen pipes are humid areas of the house. It is because of the presence of water. And as we are well aware that humidity caters to germs. They love a humid environment to breed in. Keeping your toilets and kitchens clean therefore, helps to prevent many diseases. Hence, unclogging the toilet drains and kitchen pipes becomes inevitable.

Mr Pung Kitchen and Toilet Plungers help you towards achieving the same.

They unclog the pipes and drains of your kitchen and toilets like a pro! The only difference is that, you do not need to pay the plumbers anything. You only need to buy Mr Pung Kitchen and Toilet Plungers. Next, follow easy cleaning steps, as already told above. Do it whenever required. All time professional cleaner will be in your hands.


Mr Pung Kitchen and Toilet Plungers Price- $120.99

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