Guide to Using Korean Eye Tattoo

Guide to Using Korean Eye Tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo’s are around the corner since quite a good period of time. Korean eye tattoo technique is a bliss, especially for the ones with thin eyebrows. Korean Eye tattoo may last from about 3 months to one year, though it takes only about two hours to get them done.

Using Korean eye tattoo to get your eyebrows done is not known to some. Following are some easy steps to be followed, to embrace your eyebrows with Korean eye tattoo products.

Remove Your Makeup

It is vital to remove your makeup before starting with the Korean eye tattoo process. It is advisable to remove your makeup prior to the process because it makes artistic options available.



Choose an Eyebrow Design and Eyebrow Color for Your Face

Though it is not a permanent tattooing technique, yet you will be living with the eyebrow design for a year almost. So, it makes sense to select the appropriate ones for yourself.
Try to go for a shape that suits your routine makeup look. But if you can not choose an appropriate shape, just fill in your natural shape. This is because you will have the option to do makeup that would change the thickness and shape later.
As far as Korean eye tattoo color is concerned, firstly make out the tone of your hair (warm or cool). Furthermore, pick up the lightest shade to go with your planned hair color.



Apply Numbing Cream

Apply numbing cream on for say approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. (You can listen to a song meanwhile.. just saying!)

Relax till the time cream does its job.


Start Tattooing Your Eyebrows

Remove the numbing cream to go ahead with further steps.
This is the longest process and involves design of your eyebrows. Remember to apply more of numbing cream if it gets too uncomfortable for you. Get the designing of your eyebrows done with Korean eye Tattoo.



Apply the Ointment

The area will be pink due to the process. Prevent scabbing and infection during this time. Apply the ointment without any fail to keep the area moist. This will also keep the area from scabbing. You can also use an anti- bacterial ointment, to prevent contact with infections.
Do not touch touch or scratch the area for a week.



Get Your Touch-up Done

A touch-up is necessary because it is not possible to predict when will your design fade. It is always good to fix it up rather than over tattooing and then waiting for a year for the mistake to fade away.



You will be immensely happy to see the results of Korean eye tattoo on your face. Your eyebrows will immediately look much darker than ever before. Try not to book any major event for about a week after the treatment. It is so because you will have ointment on your eyebrows for a week regularly after tattooing. Although it won’t look bad, you will have shiny eyebrows, which is not usually a preferred facial look.

Each strand of hair is drawn individually to make a natural appearance. To get successful using a natural appearance, draw each eyebrow hair to look incredible.
If you too, are planning to get your eyebrows tattooed, Korean eye tattoo technique is definitely worth trying for you!

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