Ever Wonder Why Korean girls never have Chapped lips?

Korean Best Lip balms for natural Lips

Ever Wonder Why Korean girls never have Chapped lips?

Chapped Lips are something that is not desired by any of us. And we keep trying various products to achieve super-soft lips but after sometime we fail to keep it so. But Korean girls have always been successful to maintain their lips without breaking or Chapping. They tend to have super-soft lips and you won’t see any tearing ups on the lips! You wonder what could be the reason? and  well its not rocket science, the secret is Korean Lip care Products and Lip Care Routine !! and the good news is you can get it too by just following the Lip Care Routine !

What’s next lets get in to the lip care Routine !!


Korean Natural Lips


Well, you might have heard of different skin-care regimens that all Korean girls follow, like a ritual, for a beautiful, flawless and youthful skin. So does they follow a “lip-care routine” to combat Chapped Lips and attain beautiful, soft and supple lips!

This Korean lip-care routine consists of only two steps that are followed by Korean girls, and they are:

  1. Exfoliate to combat Chapped Lips:

    Chapped LipsJust like any other body part, our  lips accumulate dead skin cells as well and we simply ignore it! And keep on layering lip products which in the end makes our lips gets chapped, dried and dull. But Korean girls exfoliate their lips with a gentle lip scub very often, just like they exfoliate their facial skin. So choose a lip scrub that is 100% organic. This will prime your lips and keep it soft, smooth and moisturised all day long!

  2. Hydrate:

    Chapped Lips

    laneige lip mask

    The K-beauty approach to hydration has reached another level! Instead of settling for a balm to hydrate and moisturise the lips, they use lip masks. These masks not only hydrates the lips, but also make it look so -plump and well-nourished! In fact these Korean lip-masks have become a must try-on! Our Hollywood divas aren’t behind any of us in using this amazing lip-mask. Here have a look on this hilarious picture of Emma Stone.

    Chapped Lips


Hence, these were the only two steps followed by Korean girls to get a soft-supple lips. Now, what are you waiting for, go try the Korean lip scrubs and these amazing lip masks and get rid of chapped, dried and dull lips!

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  • Lisa Powell

    Cracked lips are very common issue whatever he/she is old or young and we are very well knew about that.
    Is there any way to remove permanently or naturally. I request you to write something about that.

    June 6, 2018 at 3:19 pm

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