Strada Worldwide recognized overseas in the smart advertising industry

Strada Worldwide recognized overseas in the smart advertising industry

Strada Worldwide is a smart media solutions company that merges advertisements with information and communications technology. It creates advertisements using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices and installs them at airports, movie theaters and shopping malls. In December 2015, visitors were captivated by a VR “play zone” that was set up at the Pangyo headquarters of the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, a sponsor of Strada Worldwide.

VR is a technology that enables users to interact with an artificial reality created by a computer, while AR adds three-dimensional virtual objects to the user’s own reality. The HoloLens recently developed by Microsoft is an example of an AR device.

Strada Worldwide is an advertising agency that has already been recognized for its skill, having received awards in two categories of the world-famous iF Design Award in February 2015, just two years after its founding. The winning entries were the BMW Interactive Livewall (an AR showroom at BMW’s Yeongjongdo Driving Center) and MINI Garage. In the same year, the company was designated as a “New Media Solution Strategic Partner” by Samsung Electronics.

Strada Worldwide is actively involved in overseas projects, including advertising solution consulting for airports in Mexico and Brazil and Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism. Also, it created the brand showroom for Airbnb and is currently conducting a project that involves the HoloLens.

CEO Bryan W. H. Lee stated, “At our lab, which was founded in 2014, we are consistently developing media solutions that utilize ICT, including AR, 3-D mapping, and holograms.” He added, “With these solutions, we will provide the highest-quality smart advertisements to both domestic and international clients.”

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