Chemicals and Gas Materials

Korean biosimilars make inroads into Europe

[THE INVESTOR] Propelled by Samsung Bioepis and Celltrion, South Korean biopharmaceutical companies are gaining a foothold in Europe with their biosimilars, cheaper copycat versions of biologics. Celltrion’s Remsima — biosimilar replication of rheumatoid arthritis treatment drug Remicade — and Samsung Bioepis’ Benepali — biosimilar copy of Amgen’s rheumatoid arthritis treatment Enbrel – along with Flixabi, another Remicade biosimilar, are already selling in Europe, one of the world’ largest market for such drugs. Three other biosimilars are awaiting permission from the European [...]

Refiners' earnings unscathed by plunging oil prices

Despite global oil prices hitting a multi-year low due to a supply glut, local oil refiners pocketed decent earnings last year on the back of improved cracking margins, and their stellar performance may continue into this year, analysts say. Oil prices have been in the doldrums since early last year on continued concerns over an oversupply. More recently, international sanctions on Iran were lifted allowing the oil-rich country to add new barrels to an already glutted global market. This year, crude [...]

S. Korea’s industrial output rose in December

South Korea’s industrial output rose for the first time in three months in December, bolstered by solid growth in the chemical and refinery sectors, a government report showed Friday. Statistics Korea said production in mining, manufacturing, gas and electricity industries gained 1.3 percent last month from a month earlier. The increase marks a rebound after two straight months of decline. Compared with a year earlier, however, industrial production fell 1.9 percent. Output in the local chemical and refinery sectors rose 4.7 [...]

BASF Korea ups use of eco-friendly chemicals

Global chemicals company BASF is seeking to lead the way in increasing the use of less environmentally hazardous materials to manufacture chemical products in South Korea. BASF Korea said Tuesday that it had become the first in the industry to use a new chemical compound with a superior environmental profile to produce its flagship insulating polystyrene foam Neopor. The German firm now produces Neopor using a newly-developed polymeric flame retardant, instead of hexabromocyclododecane or HBCD, a more toxic flame retardant typically [...]

South Korea to spend $75m on titanium production

The South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) has said that it will invest a total of 81.8 billion won ($75 million) in titanium for the next seven years. The cash will also be injected into developing high-tech parts that are needed in aeroplanes and implants, the ministry said. The biggest goal will be to make the country self-sufficient in titanium production. Titanium, first developed by the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, is known [...]

Five Elements That a Good Chemical Company Needs

Choosing a good company is not an easy task especially when there are numbers of chemical companies claiming to provide you best chemical and products with utmost quality. There are various aspects required to consider while you are choosing a good chemical company. Nevertheless, the organizational arrangement should be a sound one so it can give a nonstop supply of the highly required chemicals on time. Centrifuges, reactors, laboratory, reactors, driers and storage capacity and analytics are the main five [...]

The use of lead in the chemical, oil and gas, electronics and other industries

Lead remains an important metal in industrial processes.Despite the elimination of lead from many consumer applications in recent years, due to health and environmental concerns it is still an important metal with many uses in several industries. Lead Pipes are used to transfer corrosive materials, powder is used as a lubricant and in the semiconductor industry and lead alloys have a wide variety of applications. This article will provide information on its uses in industrial manufacture as well as information about [...]

Types of Chemical Products

Approximately everything you use today requires chemical products to be produced or to perform. The Mol-base Chemical Industry is one of the most essential manufactory in the current world. These products are included in almost every modern process and are necessary in other industries too. The Mol-base Chemical Factory is the one important of transform organic components like water, oil, natural gas, air, metals, and minerals, into more valuable commodity. Around the 80% of the chemical industry manufacture is mainly [...]