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Ssangyong Motor returns to profit on Tivoli sales

[THE INVESTOR] Ssangyong Motor , owned by India’s auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra, bounced back into profit in the first half of the year for the first time in nine years, thanks to the popularity of its Tivoli sport utility vehicle. The automaker posted operating profit of 27.4 billion won (US$24.40 million) in the first half of the year, reversing a nine consecutive loss-making years since 2007, the company said in a regulatory filing on July 29. Sales stood at 1.77 [...]

VW offers apology with no mention of Korea

[THE INVESTOR] Volkswagen held its first annual shareholders meeting in Hanover, Germany, on June 22 (local time), the first in nine months since it became embroiled in the emissions rigging scandal. While the senior management and directors apologized and explained its ongoing recall plans in Germany and the US, there were no mention of compensatory measures for victims from other countries, including Korea, where 125,522 units were affected. “On behalf of the Volkswagen Group and everyone who works here, I apologize [...]

Ssangyong to launch long-body Tivoli in March

Ssangyong Motor will unveil the long body version of its popular Tivoli sport utility vehicle in March, an industry source said Thursday. “The exact launch date has not been determined but the long-body version of the Tivoli will likely hit the market before the end of next month,” the source told Yonhap News Agency. The Tivoli is one of Ssangyong Motor’s most recent and most popular models. Sales began early last year. It was the first new model the automaker brought [...]

Quality Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery is absolutely necessary for many businesses to grow and while industrial machinery can cost tens of thousands of dollars and up, purchasing it from suppliers or manufacturers that are affordable and competent usually means a company can be competitive back in their home markets. If you are looking for a low cost supplier or manufacturer of industrial machinery from Asia, perhaps one of the best places to connect is by using the services of Made in China. Find [...]

A Guide to Buying Used Construction Machinery

Used construction machinery is very important to those people who make their living by employing tools and high equipment. They may be a lot more affordable than new machinery; causeing this to be a a lot more economical outcome than purchasing brand new ones. There are plenty of companies that offer used construction machinery available. By finding a good source of used plant machinery with plenty of choice you can be positive to search for the right equipment for the [...]

An Overview About Pharmaceutical Packaging

  Generally speaking, packaging could be defined as science or technology, which gives a safer delivery of a wider range of products throughout its journey from the manufacturing unit to the end users. And talking about the Pharmaceutical packaging, it deals with packing the medicines and other pharmaceutical products. These products are supposed to be packed with all due care for obvious reasons, which keep them free from issues like contamination and blocks the microbial growth along with keeping these [...]