General Mechanical Components

Korea, Iran agree to maintain won-based settlement system

South Korea and Iran reached an agreement to maintain the won-based settlement system used for years for bilateral trade while seeking an alternative payment method that can expand economic ties between the two countries, Seoul officials said Tuesday. “We agreed that the current won-based settlement system has no problem in continuing to operate. The existing accounts will remain,” a Finance Ministry official said. The agreement came after a Korean delegation comprised of finance and foreign ministry officials as well as local [...]

Korea debuts urban magnetic levitation train

South Korea’s Incheon Transit Corp. began commercial operations of a magnetic levitation train made by Hyundai Rotem, the train-building affiliate of Hyundai Motor Group, on Wednesday. It marks the second urban magnetic levitation train ever to be commercialized in the world, after Japan’s Nippon Sharyo launched its own service in Nagoya in 2005. The unmanned train will carry passengers on a 6.1 kilometer route linking Incheon International Airport and Yongyu Station, a tourist location on the same island as the airport. [...]

Used Mechanical Test Equipment

For over 50 years, companies and health systems have obtained used make sure statistic equipment to be able to realize a variety of benefits such as the need to: * reduce items obtain expenditures, * change stopped examining equipment, * prevent extended Mechanical Products distribution times, and * comply with older expectations and requirements. Although there are many factors when buying used make sure statistic equipment, the excellent of the device and stability of the source should be at the top of the list. [...]

An Overview About Pharmaceutical Packaging

  Generally speaking, packaging could be defined as science or technology, which gives a safer delivery of a wider range of products throughout its journey from the manufacturing unit to the end users. And talking about the Pharmaceutical packaging, it deals with packing the medicines and other pharmaceutical products. These products are supposed to be packed with all due care for obvious reasons, which keep them free from issues like contamination and blocks the microbial growth along with keeping these [...]