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Samsung, Reliance Jio to connect rural India

Samsung Electronics said it will team up with India’s Long Term Evolution mobile operator Reliance Jio Infocomm to build more high-speed wireless communication networks in India’s remote regions as well as major cities. Tapping the rapidly growing telco market in India, South Korea’s tech giant clinched an exclusive deal with Jio in 2012 to supply 4G LTE network equipment. After two years of network building across India between 2014 and 2016, the Indian telco firm launched the service in September [...]

SKT tests China’s Huawei LTE equipment amid controversy

South Korea’s No. 1 mobile carrier SK Telecom has purchased Long Term Evolution network equipment produced by China’s Huawei Technologies for testing before signing a final deal, amid concerns over hacking risks and Korean suppliers losing competitiveness, according to sources Sunday. An industry source familiar with the matter told The Korea Herald that SKT ordered the Digital Unit and Remote Radio Head, known as DU&RRH in industrial terminology, from Huawei last month to conduct a set of quality tests before [...]

Seoul city starts providing allowances to young job seekers

The Seoul city government started a controversial program that provides allowances to thousands of young job seekers Wednesday, which it said aims to help people maintain basic living standards while they try to find work. The Seoul Metropolitan Government said it has selected a total of 3,000 applicants and will provide them with 500,000 won ($448) per month, for up to six months. The plan, which has been opposed by the central government, is designed to support people from ages 19 [...]

CJ joins bid for Korean unit of McDonald's

The CJ Group, a Korean food and entertainment conglomerate, said Wednesday it has joined the race to buy the Korean unit of U.S. fast food chain McDonald’s. McDonald’s, which directly manages about 400 stores in Korea, has been looking for local partners to run them as franchise stores that pay annual commissions instead. In a regulatory briefing, the CJ Group said it has submitted a letter of intent to the American headquarters of McDonald’s, but “hasn’t decided which affiliate will take [...]

Government to invest W100b to develop supercomputers

The Korean government has rolled up its sleeves to develop more advanced supercomputing systems than AlphaGo after the artificial intelligence by Google’s DeepMind defeated the nation‘s human Go master last month. Behind the learning and calculation prowess of AlphaGo are supercomputing systems made of more than 1,400 central processing and graphic processing units and application software. The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning announced Monday a plan to invest a total of 100 billion won ($87.2 million) — approximately 10 [...]

Kakao’s Q4 profits drop due to higher costs

Concerns over Kakao’s profitability are on the rise in the market as the profits of the mobile messenger operator nosedived in the October-December period last year. The company said in a regulatory filing on Friday that its net income over the three-month period plunged more than 80 percent year-on-year to 10.2 billion won ($8.5 million) while the firm’s operating income in the same period stood at 20.4 billion won, down 68.8 percent from a year earlier. The quarterly revenue came [...]

Korea's IT spending to expand 2.4% in 2016

South Korea’s spending on information technology products and services is expected to grow 2.4 percent in 2016 from the previous year, data showed Friday. Asia’s fourth-largest economy is expected to spend 86.1 trillion won ($71.4 billion) on IT products and services this year, according to the data compiled by industry tracker Gartner Inc. Of the amount, expenditures on fixed-line and mobile network services are estimated to account for 40.8 trillion won, followed by spending on smartphones, PCs, tablets and other electronic goods [...]

SK Telecom bets big on media content

In a bid to brace for cutthroat competition with global media content platform companies including Netflix, mobile carrier SK Telecom has been trying to beef up its capabilities in the media segment through mergers and acquisitions. SKT, which wholly owns Internet Protocol TV operator SK Broadband, announced earlier this year that it would take over CJ Hellovision, the No. 1 cable TV firm in Korea. Following the planned acquisition of the CJ Group affiliate, the mobile carrier will merge the two [...]

LG's latest V10 smartphone makes strong debut in U.S.

South Korea’s No. 2 handset maker LG Electronics Inc. said Thursday that it has sold more than 450,000 units of the V10, its latest high-end smartphone, in the United States, less than two months after its official launch. The figure translates into 10,000 units per day, the company said. LG said the V10 was especially popular with the younger generation, with 37 percent of its consumers aged between 25 and 34. The 5.7-inch LG V10 features a QHD IPS Quantum display and [...]

SK Telecom rolls out new mobile plan for foreigners

Targeting the growing number of foreign residents in Korea, wireless carrier SK Telecom launched a new mobile plan for foreigners Thursday. SKT’s new mobile scheme, dubbed the Band Data Global Pack, allows foreign subscribers to make unlimited domestic calls to both mobile and landline phones as well as free international calls — for either 150 minutes or 400 minutes — with mobile apps for international calling, including SK Freecall, OTO and NINHAO. The Band Data Global Pack comes in eight tiers, [...]