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Tomocube’s light microscope enables realtime, 3-D observation of live cells

DAEJEON — A medical device startup born from an applied physics lab at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is out to introduce a next-generation 3-D microscope that uses light to observe living cells in real time. Founded in 2015, Tomocube has developed a new holographic microscope that shoots weak laser light through samples of live cells and tissues. It uses their refractive index — how much the light bends, or refracts, when passing through a medium — [...]

ASEAN, Korea hash over cultural cooperation

The ASEAN-Korea Center in Seoul held its ninth annual council meeting Thursday, hashing out issues to strengthen bilateral ties while commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. As this is the ASEAN-Korea Cultural Exchange year, events are scheduled on both sides, particularly in May and June. The discussion involving 11 high-level representatives from ASEAN and Korea focused on bolstering two-way cultural ties, according to the center. At the reception at Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Thursday, some [...]

Koreans begin to head home for Lunar New Year's Day

An annual mass migration started in South Korea on Thursday as people headed to their hometowns for one of the country’s key traditional holidays. Seol, or Lunar New Year’s Day, falls on Saturday this year, with the official holiday period running from Friday to Monday. (Yonhap) Along with Chuseok, the equivalent of Thanksgiving in the United States, Seol marks South Korea’s longest holiday in which many South Koreans head back to their hometowns to pay homage to their ancestors and spend time with family and friends. People streamed [...]

Symposium celebrates what’s gained in translation of literature

Marking the 10th anniversary of its founding, the Yoo Yeong Research Foundation hosted a symposium Wednesday that reflected on Korea’s progress in literary translation and honored those who have helped bridge the country and the world through cultural reinterpretation. The event held at Yonsei University bestowed the Yoo Yeong Translation Award to Uhm Il-nyeo, who translated Sarah Waters’ “The Little Stranger” into Korean in 2015. In partnership with the university’s English Literature Research Institute, the foundation selected the final winner [...]

DJI eyes rapid growth with drones, robots

The Korea Herald is publishing a series of articles on the moves made by the companies and governments of South Korea, China and Japan in entering the new industry 4.0 era. This is the second installment. Shenzhen, CHINA — “This is the future of our company and something China will be really proud of,” Wang Fan, communications director at the world’s biggest drone maker, Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., said in front of a displayed product. And it wasn’t a drone. A [...]

Jeju female divers listed as UNESCO cultural heritage

Female divers of Jeju Island made it into the UNESCO’ cultural heritage list Thursday, boosting South Koreans’ hopes to preserve the traditional symbol of women’s empowerment and attract more tourists to the resort island. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on Wednesday added “haenyeo,” or sea women, to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity during a session in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It marks Korea’s 19th cultural asset to win the world body’s heritage status. UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage [...]

Kim Whan-ki painting sets new Korean art sale record

A painting by Korean abstract artist Kim Whan-ki (1913-1974) once again broke the record for the auction price of a Korean artwork, Sunday. Kim’s yellow-dotted oil painting “12-V-70 #172” was sold for HK$ 41.5 million (6.32 billion won) at Seoul Auction’s 20th Hong Kong sale at the Hong Kong Grand Hyatt, Sunday. It had an estimated price range between 4.5 billion and 5.8 billion won, but an Asian collector’s winning bid well exceeded that estimate. This breaks the previous record of [...]

Norwegian youth orchestra dazzles crowd in Korea

Norway’s top youth orchestra — Young Strings of Norway — performed a vivacious rendition of classical pieces during its maiden tour of Korea last week. Comprised of 40 teenage talents up to the age of 19, the orchestra, directed by Barratt Due Institute of Music, has nurtured generations of prodigies since it was founded in 1927. Among them are world-class concert masters Ludvig Gudim and Camilla Kjoll, and violinists Vilde Frang and Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad, who have performed in cultural capitals [...]

Korea ranks 47th in quality of life index

Korea ranked 47th in terms of quality of life, falling seven notches from the previous year. While it is advanced in terms of R&D and science and technology, the indexes related with labor were especially poor. The Institute for International Trade under the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) released “2016 Korea in the World,” Friday, which compiles around 170 economic, trade and social indexes to show where Korea stands in the world. Korea scored 4.95 out of 10 in terms of [...]

LG Electronics to announce earnings guidance on July 8

THE INVESTOR] LG Electronics is expected to announce its second-quarter earnings guidance on July 8. Local analysts estimate the company’s operating profit to stand at about 594.7 billion won (US$517 million). The Korean tech giant started releasing its quarterly earnings guidance since the first quarter this year. Analyst say that despite the lukewarm sales of its flagship smartphone G5, the company’s robust TV and appliance sales could make up for the operating loss of its mobile business division. The mobile division last week [...]