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Korean bamboo salt benefits

Korea bamboo salt health benefits and why we should use it !

Korea bamboo salt   Developed by the Korean doctors and monks Korean bamboo salt is a folk medication for different types illness.These bamboo salts are made by putting rock salt or sea salt in small cases made from bamboo trucks with three years of growth. The salt is roasted nine times ,due to which the salt gains its higher medical effectiveness. Some of the health benefits of this bamboo salt are:- An absolute package of mineral and vitamins Scientific researchers have confirmed that [...]


The Power of Thoughts on Plants and Water

My friend Debra believes fervently in the power of thoughts. When she wants something, she fixes its image in her mind, nourishes the thought daily with expectation and gratitude. Then she waits. Invariably, whether it takes 2 days, 2 months or 2 years, she gets what she desires. She has shown repeatedly that there is power in thoughts. What she has fixed in her mind invariably appears–in one form or another–a mantel clock that is a perfect replica of one [...]


High Tech Nature – Four Really Cool Plants and Animals

It’s amazing how many scientifically advanced features can be found in nature. Plants and animals have many traits that can be useful to humans. Below are four examples of creatures that have noteworthy characteristics. The Boxfish High tech Factor: Aerodynamic Fuel Efficiency The little boxfish is quite a speedy fellow, jetting through water at speeds of six body lengths per second. This isn’t just a feat of strength though, the fish’s cube-like shape is an important contributor to its aerodynamic qualities. Engineers [...]


Humans and Animals Are Completely Dependent on Plants

Plants are useful to use in many ways. Plants provide us with the basic requirements for survival. The most important necessities of humans are food, clothing and shelter. They are fulfilled by plants to a large extent. Plants are the main source of food in the form of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits and oil. Plants provide us with clothing material. Cotton and flax are fiber yielding plants. Cotton is obtained from the hair of seed coat of the cotton. These [...]