Best Korean Moisturizers for Winter!

Best Korean Moisturizers for Winter!

Beauty of a person is just not defined by the prettiness of the face but a healthy and a beautiful skin. Skin is one of the most fundamental organs of the body and unlike others its proper care is equally imperative.A healthy flawless skin is a splendour goal for every woman world wide.And for a healthy skin, it is essential for us to hydrate it recurrently.The skin tends to lose its moisture when exposed to harsh climatic changes as well as sunlight, in this scenario you must be particular about what moisturizer to bring into play.But with the emergence for a huge number of companies in the same field it has become just about impossible to narrow down the preferences and select the best out of all the available products. Here is a list of a few moisturizers that have made their way above all the others due to their superior quality and versatility:-

Innisfree green tea balancing cream

Best Korean moisturizers for winter dry skin

We all must be familiar with the fact that green tea is one of the healthiest substances on earth, packed with the essentials of green tea this moisturizer is one of the finest products to pick up from the shelf.Usable in all seasons it keeps your skin hydrated in just the right amount.The green tea essentials and antioxidants keep your skin fresh for a long time. It has a lovely fresh aroma as well.

Mizon Collagen Power Lifting Cream

Best Moisturizers in winter from korea

Enriched with the anti ageing agents, this is a versatile product with the properties of hydration and smoothing the wrinkles.The product might not have any scent of its own but have proven to be one of the best wrinkle removers along with a fine hydrating agent.


Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream is the best moisturizer available for combination skin, this moisturizer has also proven to work miraculously on all skin types.Enhanced with the essentials of ocean extracts it is a versatile product suited for all the seasons, however, you might need to apply it at least two or three times during the winters.

The face shop Mango Seed Facial Butter

Best Korean Moisturizers for winterThe is shop Mango Seed Facial Butter is a moisturizer that would give your moisturizing schedule a boot, enriched with the goodness of nature and fruits the moisturizer has a very high hydrating capacity, suited for all skin types the product works best on the people who have dry skin. The most overpowering feature of this moisturizer is its fruity scent that would make you feel fresh.

Choosing the best out of all the available products is quite a task. Before choosing a moisturizer one must have a proper knowledge of their skin type whether it is dry oily or combination. The above-mentioned products have a light texture and are absorbed quite easily. Thus have a perfect moistening knack.So, take hold of these moisturizes and get yourself a gorgeous and lovely skin.


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