How to Do Korean Contour| Guide For Korean Makeup !

How to do Korean Contour

How to Do Korean Contour| Guide For Korean Makeup !

Contouring is shading the areas of your skin with matte powder, cream and other makeup cosmetic products that are about two shades darker than your skin tone. It is done to redefine facial areas like nose, cheekbones, forehead, chin and so on.

Contouring is very much in since the time Kim K had set a trend of contour.

If you too, are looking forward to do Korean Contour on your face, to enhance your appearance, you must follow the following tips regarding Korean Contour:

  • If you have a Diamond shaped face, you should contour the area beneath your cheekbone, starting from the ears and ending right in the middle of your cheeks. This will help you do flawless Korean Contour.
  • For a Heart shaped face, you should contour along the side of your forehead and templates, to create a balance amongst the upper half of your face and the lower half. You can even contour the small area, beneath your chin to soften your chin.
  • If you have Oblong face shape, you must contour along hairline and under your chin. These regions will make your face appear a bit rounder. Besides, you can also contour region below the cheekbones, starting from your ears and ending in the middle of cheeks.

How to Do Korean Contour

  • If you want to do Korean Contour on your Oval face shape, you can contour the area below your cheekbones (just like in case of Oblong face shape). You can also shade the sides of your forehead just a bit, to make your hairline look slightly narrower.
  • To do Korean Contour on your Rectangle face shape, contour the area below your cheekbones, along your hairline, on the sides of your forehead and under your jawbone, to help your jawline appear slimmer.
  • To Contour your Round face shape, you can contour on the sides of your forehead, along your temple region and beneath your cheekbones starting from ears to the middle of your cheeks, followed by curving down to the jawline.
  • For a Square face shape, you can contour on the sides of forehead, under the jawbone and region under cheekbones.

Apart from these, always remember to use the cream for dry skin and powder for oily skin and use a highlighter to soften your wrinkles, be sure to blend your contour your powder properly.

These are some of the Important Tips that help you get closer to getting perfect Korean Contour on your face.

Kim Kardashian’s  Instagram pictures had started this whole scenario of contouring. No doubt, it looks absolutely stunning when it radiates on your face, under the lights.Since you’ve got a fair hold over the region’s to be shaded, as per the shape of your face, let’s now move onto how to do Korean Contour??

Follow the steps mentioned below to get perfect Korean face.

  • As the first step to your Korean contour, use a facial oil to make sure that the base is moisturized. It does not only assist in moisture retention (indeed the most important part of Korean Skin Care), but also helps radiate the features you want to outshine!

Korean Contour

  • Next step of Korean contour requires you to pick up a bronzer that goes perfectly with your skin tone. Do not use too much of dark shades of you have fair skin tone.

How to do Korean Contour

  • To help the light reflect on your face, use a flat brush immersed in illuminator or simply dip a finger in the illuminator above the widow’s peak on your forehead and move it downwards over the nose ridge straight into the bow of your lips and end it over the point of chin.

How to do Korean Contour

  • Blending the highlighted areas is the most crucial step of Korean Contour. Use a foundation brush, take some cream and just blend it with all the highlighted areas of your face. Make sure to tone down the shimmer, yet preserving its reflection.

How to do Korean Contour

  • If you have a long nose, try to make it less prominent with a shadow at the dip and if your nose is wider, bronze on the side will do the task for your Korean Contour.

How to do korean Contorl

While it is important to know the process of Korean contour and the tips to take care of, while doing Korean Contour, it is equally essential to avoid the mistakes too. Below are some of the common mistakes that people usually do while doing Korean Contour, that you should duly avoid:

✓Do not overdo it. (While you shade your nose, chin, forehead or any other area, remember that those lines are clearly visible on your face.)

✓ Do not make it too shimmery.

✓ Do not make it too dark.

✓ Avoid the patches. Blend your powder properly and always remember that your powder will catch up with the emollient foundation. So switch them with the appropriate ones.

So ladies, keep the tips in your mind, do your Korean Contour to redefine your face and avoid the mistakes to get beautiful results.

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