Korean Cosmetic Products that Replace Plastic Surgery !

Korean Products that Replace Surgery

Korean Cosmetic Products that Replace Plastic Surgery !

Cosmetic surgeries are the surgical specialties specially dedicated to reshape facial features and sometimes bodily features too. These are done with a basic principle of enhancing the appearance of one’s face or body.
They do add glories to the way one looks, but cost heavily on the pocket too. Plus, most of the times they are not reversible and if you want to regain your original look, you can not do that mostly .Though they are intended to improve one’s appearance, the results are quite the opposite some times.

So, much of people want to look out for some alternative measures, that do not drain out money heavily from their pockets, and yes! Are in a way, reversible too!

Korean Products that replace Plastic Surgery

Korean Cosmetic Products and Korean “do it yourself” ideas have evolved to provide you with the same. Korean Cosmetic Products are capable to replace surgeries for sure. These measures are undoubtedly pocket friendly and easy to do! And not to forget.. you can always reverse them, whenever you feel like!

Lip Masks

Korean Lip masks, Products that replace Cosmetic Surgery

You love fuller and plump lips right?
They are worth loving too, for they give you gorgeously beautiful appearance that ultimately fetches you with sensuous selfies!
Lip masks function analogous to facial masks, except that unlike full facial masks, they target only the lips. These Korean Cosmetic Products can replace surgeries. Following are some of the Korean Cosmetic lip masks that can replace the Cosmetic surgeries for you:

✓Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

It melts the dead skin cells, making your lips soft, smooth and elastic, the very next morning. If you are looking forward to making your lips more firm, this is the Korean Cosmetic Product to replace surgeries for you!
It is suitable for all skin types and is available in four different colours with a net weight of 20g.
Price- $24

✓Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip

This Korean Cosmetic can replace surgeries. It comprises of a three step process. Besides doing what other lip masks do, it also exfoliates and cleans your lips. It gives required hydration to your lips and makes them feathery soft to the touch.
Price- $11

Anti- aging Products

Korean Anti Aging Products that replace Surgery


Fed up of those signs of aging on your face?

Those wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and so on.. Of course everyone faces this situation.
To get rid of them, going through the knife is not the only remedy available. For Korean Cosmetic Products replace surgeries. You can use Korean anti-aging products for the same.

✓Bling Bling Hydro Gel Mask- Wrinkle Gold

It instantly calms and smoothens your stressed and tired skin. Henceforth it helps restore the natural elasticity of skin and plump the fine lines out. So.. what you’d be left with is a hydrated, supple, dewy and youthful skin.
Price- $6

✓ Dr. Jart Water Sleeping Mask

It is suited for all skin types. Since body repairs itself during sleep, this Korean Cosmetic uses this time to heal your skin. It creates a protective barrier, to lock moisture and nutrients in your skin. It is a good option to pick up as a Korean Cosmetic product to replace surgery.
Price- $48

You can also try a scalp stretcher to replace surgery. It is a ribbon clip that pulls your face from above the ears to help do the face lift.
If you want to reshape your nose, Korean Cosmetic can replace the surgery for that purpose too. If you have a long nose, you can use a shadow at the dip and on the contrary, if it is wider, bronze shade on the side will be good to go.
These simple and pocket friendly methods are good to go for your skin. Give a thought to trying them out and see the results!

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