Not4u Real Skin Patch Review

Not4U Skin Patch Review

Not4u Real Skin Patch Review

New makeup innovations keep knocking the door after every few days. Korean peel off foundation has been a huge recent sensation. It not only does the functions of a normal foundation, but helps prevent acne as well. Not4u Real Skin Patch introduces one to the horizon of such innovative Korean inventions.


What is Not4u Real Skin Patch?

It is a Korean skin care cosmetic to tackle the job of a foundation pretty closely. This patch is much of a spot care patch in fact. It creates a physical barrier between your skin and your makeup. Wondering how?

Not4u Real Skin Patch is actually a Korean product that does the work much similar to that of a foundation. Start your daily makeup routine by applying toner and Concealer on your face. As you are done with these, apply Not4u Real Skin Patch on your face. You’ll be clearly able to see how beautifully it acts like a foundation and a primer too.

It will hide your acne spots in a matter of few seconds. This happens when Not4u Real Skin Patch makes a layer over your skin.

After you apply it as a foundation or a primer, you can continue doing rest of your makeup over Not4u Real Skin Patch. It will help prevent acne as well. This is so because the barrier formed by the patch does not let your makeup come in contact with your skin, thereby preventing acne.


How to use Not4u Real Skin Patch

Using it is not much of a task to do. You need to follow a series of three simple steps to apply it evenly on your face.

  • Apply Not4u Real Skin Patch to the desired area of your face.
  • Don’t rush onto touching it again and again. Give it about three to five minutes in order to dry well.
  • Check it really gently to have dried.
  • It is done once it is dry. You can continue doing the next stuff as you like.


Net content of Not4u Real Skin Patch – 15g

Not4u Real Skin Patch Price- $19


Not4u Real Skin Patch Ingredients

It is formulated with natural ingredients that take good care of your skin. The product contains tea tree water, tea tree essential oil, snow grass, and a lot of other beneficial herbaceous ingredients.

It is a transparent liquid. The patch leaves a 0.05mm layer on the skin of your face. Hence, it doesn’t make that noticeable of a layer, yet the results will be glowing.

This film protects the skin from acne and other substances, helping you put your makeup as usual. It stops cosmetic products from worsening the acne problems. Its natural ingredients reduce further acne and stabilize your skin condition.


Pros of Not4u Real Skin Patch


  • As stated before, this Korean patch creates a protective shield against acne on your face.
  • It allows you apply your makeup over it normally.
  • As you peel it off at the end of the day, your makeup too, comes off with it.
  • If you have Not4u Real Skin Patch, you can skip on your makeup remover. Since makeup comes off as a whole with it.
  • It beautifully acts as a primer/ foundation too and hides your acne spots like a pro.

Multiple benefits of a single product.. definitely worth trying!


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