Hyesun Helena Horse Oil Cream

While donkey milk is a weird ingredient, horse oil is just another one! These make unusually strange ingredients, but the effects that they have, are beyond commendable. Hence, horse oil Cosmetic Products are another beauty trend.

Hyesun Helena Horse Oil Cream

Well, the question that arises here is- Where does this Horse Oil come from?

Horse oil is a hundred percent pure oil. It is extracted from skin if the tail of a mane. There are enormous components of ceramine. This is close to the body oil that the body normally produces. Horse oil has been in use since ancient times. It is of great importance in case of inflammation, burns and scalp burns.

Horse oil Cosmetic products add moisture to the skin during those dry winter months as well.

Properties of Helena Horse Oil Cream

  • The horse oil used is taken from Jeju on Jeju island.
  • It is an ancient breed of horses.
  • This makes this horse oil cosmetic to have highest quality horse oil.
  • The horse oil present in this horse oil cosmetic, is quite close to that found normally in the human skin.
  • Hence, this horse oil cosmetic makes your skin recover quickly.
  • It is suitable for all the skin types. (Normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin types)


 Helena Horse Oil Cream Ingredients

You will be glad to know that this horse oil cosmetic is free of alcohol. Hence, no worries regarding skin irritation. Helena Horse Oil Cream includes all natural ingredients. These include lavender, rosewood, lime, Bergamo, horse oil, etc.

How to Use Helena Horse Oil Cream

  • This horse oil cosmetic is really very simple and easy to use. It takes no complex efforts to apply it onto your skin.
  • First of all, open the lid of Helena Horse Oil Cream.
  • Take an appropriate amount of this horse oil cosmetic onto your palm.
  • Next, apply it gently onto your skin.
  • In addition, make sure to massage it properly on your skin.
  • Therefore, it will seep into your skin efficiently, thereby maximizing the benefits.


Helena Horse Oil Cream Benefits

  • This horse oil cosmetic is effective in wrinkle removal. Yes you read that right! As already mentioned, it contains anti-oxidants. Hence, its weird ingredient is actually a bliss.
  • Helena Horse Oil Cream moisturizes your skin very well. You will be able to see this effect immediately after use.
  • This horse oil cosmetic is also of great importance in acne. It can be applied to whole body. Hence, it helps to tackle acne inflammation.
  • It also reduces melanin synthesis in the skin. Therefore, a clearer and better skin tone is another obvious outcome of this horse oil cosmetic.
  • Further, it reduces dark spots and freckles. Hence, it causes them to fade off from your skin.
  • Horse oil was taken great advantage of in the ancient times. No doubt, how we discovered an immensely useful ingredient for skin care. It greatly helps in skin cell rebirth. Hence, it assists in skin repair excellently.




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