Bum deal for Korean fans of sparkling water

Bum deal for Korean fans of sparkling water


Imported sparkling water brands are being sold in the Korean market at almost eight times their original domestic price, data showed Wednesday.

According to the Korean Women’s Federation for Consumers, Italian brand San Pellegrino had the highest price gap between its domestic price and consumer price in Korea. A portion of 100 milliliters of San Pellegrino in Korea sold at 738 won (62 cents), 7.9 times higher than its domestic price in Italy (93 won per 100 ml).

Moreover, Czech brand Mattoni sold at 1,060 won per 100ml, which was 5.8 times higher than its domestic price of 184 won per 100ml.

Following behind were Italy’s San Benedetto (4.3 times), Poland’s Perlage (3.5 times) and France’s Perrier (3.4 times).

The federation said that it did not find particularly distinctive differences in ingredients, nutrients and taste in the sparkling water products, and urged for more accurate information regarding sparkling water.

Source: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150820000663


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