KAIT – Korea Association Information & Telecommunication

Information & Telecommunication

KAIT – Korea Association Information & Telecommunication


Smart Digital Revolution is spreading everywhere throughout the world and its effect on the world society is driving redesign of the Economic Order. KAIT must concentrate on how they are going to assume the main part in the moving to “Brilliant force house from “IT Powerhouse”.  Remarkably situated as a data center, KAIT will pave a path for dynamic data trades in the middle of Broadcasting and Telecommunication commercial ventures. KAIT will mutually coordinate and cooperate with the members to respond to different issues identified with Broadcasting and telecom merging and do the best to develop and advertise an environment for developing next generation convergence services.

Another paramount mission for KAIT is “Making Friendly and Fair User Environment”. As a consumer advocate they will assume a more dynamic part in meeting expectations with government, business and customer groups in forming and executing arrangements and strategies to solve social and monetary issues of IT driving society. As a significant delegate association in Broadcasting and Telecommunications industry, KAIT will try their best to fulfill the responsibilities and capacities and keep on assuming a fundamental part in maintaining up the nation’s position as a “Smart IT Powerhouse”.

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