KODICA – Korean Digital Convergence Association.

Digital Convergence Association.

KODICA – Korean Digital Convergence Association.

With the excellent combination of multi-media data framework and IT Technology, media environment has been changed comprehensively recently. Media market which was only limited to daily paper, web and show in the previous years has given data effortlessly and basically to everybody by utilizing multi-media  for example, web daily paper, web Broadcast, DMB, IPTV, and so on.

To meet the fast change of latest new media age, Korea Digital Convergence Association (KODICA) has created content identified with advanced communication, as well as international/domestic display participation in exhibitions. Since the Start of 2002 Singapore Broadcasting Exhibition, KODICA has participated In assorted yearly worldwide displays in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Madrid, New Orleans, Moscow, Malaysia and Beijing and supported small and medium sized companies producing broadcast related equipment’s and products, for example, link and satellite television set-top box and TV, DMB, DTV, HDTV products and equipment’s. KODICA are attempting to their best to advertise the spread of Digital Convergence. KODICA additionally  to promote digital convergence culture and mutual collaboration among the parts of their association.

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