Korean Hair Care Routine and Best of Korean Hair Care Products!

korean Hair Care routine and treatment

Korean Hair Care Routine and Best of Korean Hair Care Products!

Korean Hair Care Routine and Best of Korean Hair Care Products

Korean Skin Care is already everywhere around the globe, for the beautiful and quality services that it delivers the customers with. Korean Beauty is all about beautifying one from inside, as a whole rather than temporary beauty.
Koreans take their hair care routine seriously, just as the way they they are into skin care routine. This is exactly why there are tons of hair care products, from hair serums to even sheet masks for your hair. (Yes, you read that right!)

So how to go about Korean hair care routine for you hair? Here you go, find your way to Beautiful Hair below:

Cleanse your scalp before you shampoo your hair

Korean Hair Treatment

As the first step to your Korean hair care routine, a scalp cleanser works analogous to oil Cleanser. It kicks all the dirt, oil and dead skin away rom your hair. Korean hair experts claim that a cleanser for your scalp, when used before a shampoo, makes your hair less prone to breakage and frizz (which indeed helps you get long Beautiful Hair actually)

Follow your normal Shampoo and Condition normally

Korean Hair Treatment

For the next step of your Korean hair care routine, Shampoo your hair properly, so that you clean all the dirt and oil thoroughly, followed by conditioning your hair with a conditioner that adds onto your hair.

Condition those strands super duper deep

Best Korean Hair Treatment

Have you ever been to a steam room with hair mask on? The silk that comes out after you come out of the room is purely a bliss, yes! It absolutely is no less than a blessing to run your fingers through silky smooth hair strands of yours.
But no need to feel disheartened even if you have never been there, for Korean Hair Care Routine helps you still get Beautiful silky strands. A hair pack can do the very same task for you!
They are to be left on your hair for only about five minutes or ten minutes.. not more than that. And.. in return, they deliver you with shine and the bounce to damaged, stressed and dry hair.

Style it!

Korean Best Hair Treatment

Styling is what gives the final touch to your hair as a part of Korean Hair Care Routine. It is almost close to using an essence, a serum and a moisturizer. After you use the conditioner, apply a hair mask. You can use a hair gel to get defined and less frizzy hair, if you have curly


Apply Oil Korean Hair Treatment

Towards the final step of your Korean hair care routine, use a hair oil. The task that a hair oil does is that it seals over your hair to keep your hair from frizzing and leaves them shiny along with hydrated. This step is especially useful of a step of Korean Hair care Routine, if you have curly hair.

Well.. if you are stuck with what Korean Hair care products you can use to get Beautiful Hair, don’t worry. Following are some of the best Korean hair care products that you can pick up from, to embrace your hair with Beauty:

Mediheal Hair Care Sheep Steam Pack


korean Hair Treatment

If straightening, perming or rolling has damaged your hair, this Korean Hair Care Product is the product for you! It contains Collagen that penetrates deep into your hair follicles to leave them with a Smooth, soft and healthy touch.
Price- $20

The Skinfood Avocado Leave In Fluid


Korean Hair Treatment avocado

This Korean Hair Care Product has real avocado extract that promotes moisture and healing strength to hair damage. It makes your hair clean and healthy.
Price- $10

Ryeo Chung Ah Mo Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner


Korean Hair Treatment Best Shampoo

This Korean Hair Care Product tackles the dandruff and dry scalp without waxy and oily residue. It leaves you with soft hair that are manageable and absolutely free of those irritating flakes.
Price- $27

Tony Moly Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack

Korean Hair Treatment Nutrition

It has egg yolk and vinegar that gets the task done for your hair. This Korean Hair Care Product transforms your dry hair into healthier hair strands.
Price- $11

Doori Daeng Gi Meo RI Ki Gold Premium Shampoo


korean hair care treatment

It makes use of ten plants extract to stimulate growth and avoid breakage, with a bonus of softness and volume.
Price- $25

So here you go with the recipe to Beautiful Korean Hair Care Products and Korean Hair Care Routine that help you pave your way to pretty silky strands.

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    Interesting products. I think they each deserve a try because Korean hair looks so great.

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