Lost Galaxy S5 survives 7 months outdoors

Lost Galaxy S5 survives 7 months outdoors

A Samsung Electronics Galaxy S5 device remained intact after being left outdoors for nearly seven months, the Korean tech giant said Monday, proving the smartphone’s water and dust resistance.

According to the company, Bae Gyu-ryong, a 70-year-old user of the Galaxy S5 who works at a medical center in Chungju, about 150 km southeast of Seoul, lost his smartphone while working in a persimmon orchard near his rural farmhouse in September last year. As the device was in silent mode, Bae was not able to locate it despite days of searching, and had to get a new handset.

even months later, Bae happened to find his lost Galaxy S5 while plowing the soil at the orchard. Although the device was wet on discovery after being exposed to rain and snow for seven months, Bae said the device was fully functional after he dried it out and charged it.

Since the smartphone still worked, Bae was able to recover his contacts and photos saved in the Galaxy S5.

“I was surprised to see the smartphone, which went through rain and snow, being fully functional,” Bae said. “The Galaxy S5 boasts excellent waterproof features.”

The Galaxy S5, released in 2014, boasted of strong durability with its IP67 dust and water resistance. Its younger sister, the Galaxy S6, did not have the capability, although Samsung included IP68-level water and dust resistance on the Galaxy S7 just released earlier this year.


Source: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20160418000291

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