Peace forum for journalists opens in Seoul

Peace forum for journalists opens in Seoul

Journalists from across the world launched a discussion on their role in world peace and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in Seoul on Monday.

About 80 journalists from 50 countries were invited to the six-day Journalist Forum for World Peace, hosted by the Journalist Association of Korea.

“As journalists, we share warm hearts and sharp eyes to tell the truth regardless of nationality, sex, color and ideology,” said Jung Kyu-sung, president of the association. “I hope the forum will help you discuss the issue in depth.”

Korean Culture Minister Kim Jong-deok said in a congratulatory address that it is meaningful to have journalists from all over the world to discuss the Korean denuclearization process at this sensitive time. “The role of journalism is very crucial in maintaining world peace,” Kim said.

During their stay, the participants will attend conferences and local tours as well as visit the Demilitarized Zone.



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