The Korean Gastric Cancer Association

Gastric Cancer

The Korean Gastric Cancer Association

KGCA established in the year 1996 has been putting lots of efforts for the activities related to academics identified with stomach cancer and other stomach ailments and member’s mutual friendship though of a small history less than 20 years.  Through the opening of symposium and publishment of society journal, KGCA has propagated recent tendency of studying and share the results of the members. Likewise, through the Korean laparoscope and gastrointestinal tract research society and Korea gastrointestinal tract tumor research society under the society, KGCA are supporting academic studying of their members.

KGCA gathers national materials identified with stomach tumor and give them to its members in order to apply them as the fundamental materials of studying on stomach malignancy.  KGCA has published textbook, stomach cancer and gastrointestinal tract illness, and promoted standardization by publishing direction of cancer related to stomach and mentioned agenda and items of treatment of stomach cancer.





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