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Korean Milk Infused Face Masks and Creams for Skin Whitening

Koreans take advantage of every available resource in nature for beauty enhancement. Milk is obviously one such ingredient of huge Importance to them. Milk infused Cosmetic products are very excellent of products to take care of your skin. It is rich in vitamin B, alpha hydroxy acids, calcium and other excellent anti-oxidants. Hence a milk infused cosmetic products\ nourishes your skin cells from deeper layers to keep your skin moisturized.   Benefits of milk infused cosmetic products: A Milk infused cosmetic products gently [...]


Korean Magnetic Face mask- A Game Changer for Your Skin

Face masks are already loved all around. Their wide range effects like a plump skin, refreshed appearance, bright complexion etc. have made them hugely loved by all. In addition, you can also put them on your face and have a good Me-Time while it does its job. Korean Magnetic mask is the game changer for Korean face masks. Magnetic face masks have turned out to be really a crazy sensation recently. The more you hear of it, the more you [...]

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Top 10 Korean Sheet Masks for Clear Skin !

What is a sheet mask? Sheet masks are basically sheet fabrics designed in the shape of face. They are soaked in serum, which is a nutrition packed solution. They are ahead of facial masks in the sense that, the only thing that you need to do here is to apply, take off and pat the extra serum in rather than washing off the paste, post applying and putting on other products. (No doubt, sheet masks ease the task for us.. [...]