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Korean Face Masks That Moisturize Your Skin in Winters

Dry skin along with blotchiness is a common thing to notice during winters. The cold temperatures constrict blood vessels that causes excessive redness. Cold temperatures strip the skin of its natural moisturizers. Hence, it is important to find a winter moisturizer that does not deprive your skin of natural moisture. A Korean face mask for winters does the job for you. A Korean face mask is the perfect skin care treatment to tackle skin care concerns in winters. The right [...]


Recommended Korean Skin Care Products by Skin Type

Everyone’s skin type appears normal to them. But it’s not like that. We all have distinct skin types that need different care. It is important to know your skin type before you buy any Korean skin care product. If the product is not right for your skin type, it might not work effectively on your skin, or may sometimes harm your skin too. All the five skin types Viz.- Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination and Sensitive skin type, require specifically formulated [...]

Best Home remedies for Dry Skin problems

Best Home Remedies for Dry Skin Problems !

Dry skin refers to the condition involving dry skin symptoms which include scaling, itchy skin, skin cracking, which is also scientifically called Xeroderma. Dry skin mostly occurs naturally by birth of an individual. So, being born with other skin types keeps you away from the cons of dry skin, Right? Actually, it is a NO!! Even if you are born with oily skin, you may still develop dry skin at times. While naturally, dry skin is something that one is born [...]