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Bamboo Salt Benefits for Skin

Amazing Benefits of Bamboo Salt for Skin!

It has recently emerged as a miracle salt. Why miracle? Well.. because bamboo salt has anti- cancerous and anti- viral properties hence helping prevent a wide variety of cancers and illnesses. The anti-septic capabilities of Bamboo Salt are much useful to treat sore mouth and digestive ailments too. Besides these medical privileges, bamboo salt is an excellent ingredient to the recipe of beauty as well. It is a wonderful Beauty Product, greatly valuable in acne treatment and boosting the youthful [...]

Korean bamboo salt benefits

Korea bamboo salt health benefits and why we should use it !

Korea bamboo salt   Developed by the Korean doctors and monks Korean bamboo salt is a folk medication for different types illness.These bamboo salts are made by putting rock salt or sea salt in small cases made from bamboo trucks with three years of growth. The salt is roasted nine times ,due to which the salt gains its higher medical effectiveness. Some of the health benefits of this bamboo salt are:- An absolute package of mineral and vitamins Scientific researchers have confirmed that [...]