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Jamsu Korean Technique

All About Korean Jamsu Makeup

When it comes to beauty, Korean beauty world is creative, weird, yet quality promising. Here comes Jamsu makeup. Korean women are purely comfortable when it comes to do something extra to look better. Makeup on point is their main aim. Basically what Korean jamsu makeup does is that it uses a bowl of cold water to seal your makeup. The literal meaning of “Jamsu” is diving. No, that does not mean diving into swimming pool with your makeup on.. but yes [...]


All New Korean Makeup Trends 2017

Korea is a trendsetter to the world of beauty. Whether skin care, or cosmetics or makeup trends, Korean beauty innovations keep emerging to raise the standards of beauty for the world. Recent Korean Makeup trend has been totally astonishing. To list the Korean makeup trends, following are the most simple yet amazing ones- Arched Korean eyebrows Straight eyebrows were a signature trademark of classic Korean look. But it is changing now! The new Korean Makeup trend emphasizes rounder and more of arched shaped [...]