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Korean Peel-Off Eye Tattoo

Peel off eye tattoos are invention of Korean beauty world. Peel off makeup is trending all around. There are a handful of mini demos for Korean peel off eye tattoo products by beauty bloggers and beauty obsessed girls all over social media, be it Facebook, Instagram and so on.. Using these Korean peel off eye tattoo products is quite easy. You need to follow the following steps to use them- Cleanse your face, followed by exfoliating. This will remove all the [...]


Fried chicken, Korean-style

SIBU: Korean food is a hit here not only because of the K-pop phenomenon but also due to its authentic taste. At Pelicana Chicken, a Korean-style franchise, customers can be assured of premium grade food. According to its director Kelvin Ong, their chickens are obtained from local farms while the burgers are not made from frozen patties. “We use 100% pure chicken and our supplier is halal-compliant,” he said. Ong also debunked the misconception that at Pelicana Chicken, the food is pre-cooked. “We are [...]