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SKT tests China’s Huawei LTE equipment amid controversy

South Korea’s No. 1 mobile carrier SK Telecom has purchased Long Term Evolution network equipment produced by China’s Huawei Technologies for testing before signing a final deal, amid concerns over hacking risks and Korean suppliers losing competitiveness, according to sources Sunday. An industry source familiar with the matter told The Korea Herald that SKT ordered the Digital Unit and Remote Radio Head, known as DU&RRH in industrial terminology, from Huawei last month to conduct a set of quality tests before [...]


SKT, Nokia test wired 5G tech

The nation’s leading mobile carrier SK Telecom said Monday that it has successfully demonstrated the wired 5G network technology on the so-called core network architecture, serving as a control tower in providing services such as user authentication, voice calls, and Internet connectivity. The core network system, which controls user traffic for customers to access the Internet, has to be revamped for the commercialization of the wired 5G network services. The Seoul-based firm said the latest technology would be a technological breakthrough [...]