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Get Rid of Flaky Skin with Some Simple Steps

Flaky skin is especially common during winters. The low humidity levels outside and cold, dry air cause the moisture content of skin evaporate. Therefore, your skin appears dry and tight, hence flaky. In fact, during winters your skin loses more than 25% of its ability to hold moisture. Windy weather beats down on your skin, making it dry as a result. Here are some tips to avoid dry- flaky skin this winter season.   Moisturize Moisturizing is an important part of Korean skin care [...]


Korean Face Masks That Moisturize Your Skin in Winters

Dry skin along with blotchiness is a common thing to notice during winters. The cold temperatures constrict blood vessels that causes excessive redness. Cold temperatures strip the skin of its natural moisturizers. Hence, it is important to find a winter moisturizer that does not deprive your skin of natural moisture. A Korean face mask for winters does the job for you. A Korean face mask is the perfect skin care treatment to tackle skin care concerns in winters. The right [...]