Top Tech products in the world | Best technological innovations !

Top Tech products in the world | Best technological innovations !

Ongoing is the era of technological revolution and Technological Innovations. “Technology” is basically the formulation of techniques, processes, skills and methods to produce goods or services. It is the knowledge that can be rooted into machines, which don’t require much of the know- hows behind their mechanism of action, and can be easily operated without much knowledge.
Technology today is omnipresent. It is everywhere, be it in the simplest forms like basic toolkits or telephones that help connect people or the nuclear weapons that assist militaries with power.

Innovation has always been the creator of technological inventions, for it is not only about enhancing the existing, it is creating the un-thought. Technology today is not only utilized in the vast industrial, educational and professional sectors, it has paved its way into economy as well as our day to day lives.
Can you think of cutting vegetables without a knife? Or travel everyday without your vehicles? Or communicate with your friend miles away, within seconds without your mobile phone?
The answer to all them is.. Absolutely NOT at all!

Technology wall papers
Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives. It is no more a luxury, it has rather turned up to flourish as necessity for each one of us.
In addition to the horizons enlisted, there are endless areas which make intensive use of technology, like- Use of technology to harness natural forces, eg- large dams that harbour excess water, that keeps it from causing floods and hence carrying fertile soil away; technology used in banking wherein moving money has become simpler without the threat of getting robbed. You can transfer money or purchase anything, sitting in the luxury of your home, office, or anywhere else.

Since technology is dynamic, it is ever evolving branch of Science that keeps knocking your door with something new everyday, it is absolutely vital on our part as well to be updated with the latest technological innovations, so as enable ourselves to know which ones amongst them are for “us” or which ones simply ease our tasks and meet our needs the best.

So here are few of the best technological innovations of today that have granted a badge of honour to the Science of Technology.

Bose Sound Link Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker-

Top tech products

It can deliver 360 degree and lasts up to sixteen hours on a single charge. Its water resistance makes it a suitable for a pool party too! So next time you plan pool partying at pool side, do take these mates of yours along.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ –

Top Technology Products

They are definitely the best two phones of the year (*till now). Concealed in metal and glass body, they come with water resistance. Both of them are packed with Ground Breaking QHD + AMOLED display. And.. They offer you WIRELESS CHARGING. No need to plug the wires anymore, sit at any comfortable corner of your ro and charge your phone as you listen to music, or watch a movie maybe!

Emporio Armani Renato Hybrid Smartwatch-

Top Technology Products


It is a wholesome hybrid of classic looks and modern functionality. It connects your smartphone, sends you discrete notifications and even tracks your activities. The best feature being, it has uptown six months of battery life and comes in many colour options to chose from.

Microsoft Surface Studio-

top Tech Products World


A handy and classy desktop. It has28 inch touchscreen+ Pin support and an optional Surface dial, which makes it a perfect choice for graphic artists and designers. Also, it has intel processor along with NIVDIA graphic card.

Cross Peerless TrackR Pen- An elegant and wonderfully designed Pen with a built-in Bluetooth tracker. It connects to your phone and sends you notification when you leave it behind.

Sony PS4 Pro-

top tech Products play station

Are you a gamer? Then you’d surely be already aware of this superb4K gaming provider. It can stream the 4K content from Netflix and is compatible with all PS4 games too.

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Handset-

top tech products worldwide

Now this one is for PC gamers only. With upto fifteen hours of battety Life, it delivers support for cutting edge DATA headphone.

Linksys EA7300 Wireless Router-

top tech products in the world


It supports MU- MIMO dual band and WiFi connectivity. So it can achieve network speed upto 1.7Gbps (great indeed!). It can set up router with a smartphone application that allows you monitor performance of your network too.

Insta 360 Nano 360 degree Cam-

Top Tech products in the World


It attaches to an iPhone and helps it capture 360 degree videos with 3040 by 1520 pixels. Of course you can capture photos with this product!

Bluesmart One Suitcase-

Top Technology Products

A bliss for frequent travellers. It is not only sleek but smart too! It includes TSA compliant 10,000 mAh battery to recharge your gadgets, a built in scale and dedicated compartment for your favourite tech. Besides, it has a location tracker that utilizes both GPS and 3G network.

Who would have ever thought of these ultimate Innovative gifts that has provided us with.. But as already mentioned, “Technology is never static”, it is a dynamic Science that keeps evolving always to create best from the better!!
Let’s wait for what technology will take out of its basket to bless us with in the future.


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