Problems logging into BestMadeInKorea.com?

If you have registered, but you do not have a login name or do not know your password:

Please check any junk mail or spam folders in your email program for messages from BestMadeInKorea.com. Because the email we send you containing your password is generated automatically, it may have been classified as junk mail by your email program. Try resetting your password. This process will send you a new password by email.

If you have entered your login name and password but are still unable to log in you may want to try the following:

Check that you have entered your login name and password correctly. Ensure that you do not have caps lock enabled and that you are using capital letters where indicated. The password you have been sent is case-sensitive. Ensure that you are using the most recent password.

If you have reset your password recently then the old password will no longer work. Please refer to the most recent password reset email. Remember to check your junk mail or spam mail folders in case the password email has been classified incorrectly.

Check that your web browser is not displaying a cached copy of the web page web browsers store temporary copies of web pages on your hard disk. If you return to a page you have previously visited, this temporary (cached) copy is read rather than requesting a new copy across the internet, speeding up your web browsing.

However, because you are logging in to the web site the information on the page changes and the cached copy may now be out of date. To avoid this problem you should set your browser to always check for new versions of the page.

Check your privacy settings

The BestMadeInKorea.com web site uses cookies to uniquely identify you when you visit the web site in the future. If your internet browser is set to block the storage of cookies on your machine you will not be able to log into the web site.

How to Enable Cookies

To enable cookies, follow the instructions below for the browser version you are using.

Mozilla Firefox 2.0/3.0

Go to the "Tools" menu. Select "Options". Select the "Privacy" icon in the left panel. Check the box corresponding to "Allow sites to set cookies". Click "OK" to save changes.

Netscape 7.1/Mozilla 5.0

Select "Preferences" from the Edit menu. Click on the arrow next to "Privacy & Security" in the scrolling window to expand. Under "Privacy & Security", select "Cookies." Select "Enable all cookies". Click "OK".

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+

Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu. Click on the "Privacy" tab. Click the "Default" button (or manually slide the bar down to "Medium") under "Settings". Click "OK".

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x

Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu. Click on the "Security" tab. Click the "Custom Level" button. Scroll down to the "Cookies" section.

To enable: Set "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" to "Enable". Set "Allow per-session cookies" to "Enable". Click "OK".

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x

Select "Internet Options" from the View menu. Click on the "Advanced" tab. Scroll down to find "Cookies" within the "Security" section. To enable: Select "Always accept cookies". Click "OK".

Netscape Communicator 4.x

Select "Preferences" from the Edit menu. Find the "Cookies" section in the "Advanced" category. To enable: Select "Accept all cookies" (or "Enable all cookies"). Click "OK".

Problems selecting a username or password?

Your username must be at least 4 characters long and may contain letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) only.

The following cannot be part of your username: A period ( . ) The following symbols: @ & < > URLs, such as 'ABCWIDGETS.COM' or 'abcwidgetsdotcom' Consecutive underscores '_ _'

A username beginning with an underscore '_', dash '-', or period '.' Any spaces or tabs The word 'BestMadeInKorea.com'

Your password must be at least 6 characters long, containing a combination of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9).

For your safety, please do not create a password that is or contain part of your username.

Why is my account restricted?

BestMadeInKorea.com restrict accounts for various reasons, including misuse of our policies, suspicious or fraudulent activity, and general system abuse. One or more of the following can lead to account restrictions:

General misuse of our policies

  • All users must have valid contact information (mailing address, credit card information) on file.
  • Multiple, repeated registrations after already being suspended.
  • Member abuse of any kind.
  • Purchasing your own items to boost your own ratings.
  • Going around our system to avoid fees or using features in ways that are not intended.
  • Spamming other members or sending unsolicited content.
  • Listing items in the wrong categories.
  • Violating our listing policy.

Reasons for account restrictions

  • High unpaid balance - Sellers are required to maintain a minimal, consistent account balance to continue selling.
  • Shill Buying/Selling - Purchasing your own items to boost your ratings is strictly prohibited.
  • Buyer dispute - Sellers must respond and resolve all disputes to continue selling.
  • Contact information - Posting any type of contact information in public areas of the site is strictly prohibited.
  • Spam - Posting irrelevant and multiples of the same comments in transactions and want ads.
  • Recent unrated transactions - Sellers are required to maintain a reputable selling history with positive ratings.
  • Poor rating percentage - Users cannot receive too many negative or non-paying buyer ratings in a given time.
  • Fee avoidance - Selling items off-site or at a very low price will result in administrative fines & account restrictions.
  • User location - Users from "high fraud risk" areas aren't able to access certain parts of the site.
  • Too many accounts - Opening too many accounts without a legitimate reason. (Ex: Opening accounts to sell multiple types of items is a legitimate reason; opening accounts to buy items from different sellers is not.)

How do I change my password, email, or mailing address?

Your name, password, email, and mailing address can be changed under your account with BestMadeInKorea.com. To protect the confidentiality of our members' private information, any changes to email addresses, including PayPal email addresses, need to be confirmed and verified before the change will be updated.

Can I change my username? Can I have more than one account?

You can always register a new account with a different email address, but any previous account information (transactions, ratings) will not be transferred. If you're a seller, you will also need to use a different credit card.

Will anyone see my email or mailing address?

The only time your email and mailing address are revealed is when you complete a transaction with a buyer or seller. We will send contact information to both parties for shipping and payment arrangements.

Why can everyone see my item negotiations?

All back-and-forth negotiations between buyers and sellers are publicly displayed on the item detail pages. Public negotiations and feedback comments act as a safety feature for members to evaluate other members through their past transaction history. This helps potential buyers and sellers make informed buying and selling decisions. They also serve as documentation for issues and disputes.

How do I change my feedback rating to a member?

Feedback ratings can only be changed in cases of error or mutual cancellations. If there was an error when rating, please let us know and we will review it for you. In cases where both members wish to change ratings or cancel the transaction, we require both members post this clearly on the transaction summary. Once that is completed by both members, send us an email to review the transaction. Please include the other member's user ID, item number, and date of the transaction.

How do I close my account and/or store?

If you're considering closing your store and BestMadeInKorea.com account, we ask that you carefully reconsider your decision. If there's a chance that you may want to use our service again in the future, it is not necessary to close your account. To close your store and keep a buyer's account, simply end your item listings from your current inventory.

To close your BestMadeInKorea.com account, send us an email with your username. Before closing your account, you're required to complete any open negotiations and pay your account balance.

How does the phone verification work?

To protect our buyers and reduce fraudulent activities across the site, BestMadeInKorea.com requires account verification in certain situations. Phone verification helps BestMadeInKorea.com validate you as a seller.

If you're asked to phone verify your account, please enter a valid phone number that you can be reached at on the screen similar to the one shown below. Choose your desired language and you will receive a phone call or SMS text message momentarily.

How do I contact a buyer or seller?

To find a member's contact information, you need to provide the other person's user ID and an item number from a recent transaction. You can only get another member's contact info if you have a transaction with them. Click the Contact Seller or Contact Buyer link on the transaction summary to send the other member a message.

If their contact info is wrong or not working, contact us to let us know. If they don't respond or don't complete your transaction, we recommend opening a case to report the problem.

When can I file a dispute for a transaction?

BestMadeInKorea.com's dispute process facilitates communication between buyers and sellers to resolve issues amicably. When you file a dispute, the seller is notified and given the opportunity to respond accordingly.

Filing a dispute does not guarantee a refund and should not be used in place of requesting a charge back from your payment provider.

Disputes can only be filed against a seller under the following conditions:

  • The transaction is not rated positively.
  • No more than 60 days have passed after the transaction date.

What happens after I file a dispute?

After a buyer files a dispute, the seller account will be restricted until he/she replies to the dispute and resolve the issue. Additional communication should be posted on the item detail page. If the seller is unresponsive and you feel that you've given the seller an adequate amount of time to resolve the issue, please provide a rating to the seller.

If you're requesting a refund, please request it from the seller. Sellers are responsible for issuing refunds and resolving issues. BestMadeInKorea.com provides sellers stores; we do not handle sales of items, receive payments, or ship items. For further assistance, you may want to file a dispute through your payment service provider:

For credit card purchases, call your bank or card company to request a charge back. For PayPal purchases, you can file a buyer complaint within 45 days. Note this deadline to request a charge back. Visit the PayPal Buyer Complaint Process.For other services, please contact their customer service for assistance.

My email address already exists, how do I confirm & finalize my registration?

If your email address is already in the system, there is a pending account under your email address. This occurs when you previously used the same email address to make a BestMadeInKorea.com account of someone used your email to make a BestMadeInKorea.com account. Please contact us to solve the issue. Then we sent you a confirmation mail.

Please check your email, including the junk/spam folder, for a confirmation message. Click on the link to confirm your BestMadeInKorea.com registration.

How do I clear my browser cache?

Clearing your browser cache refreshes a script on a page, giving you a clean copy of the page. To override the cache on a single page, do a hard reload by pressing CTRL + F5 on Windows or Command + Shift + R on a Mac.

To completely clear all browser cache:

Internet Explore/Windows

From the browser menu: Tools > Internet Options > General Select the 'Temporary Internet Files' section Press the Delete Files button

Firefox (Mac & Windows)

From the browser menu: Tools > Clear Recent History When the dialog pops up, select the 'Cache' option and de-select others Press the Clear Now button

Safari Mac

From the menu bar: Safari > Empty Cache Press the Empty button

Safari Windows

From the settings menu drop-down selector: Reset Safari > Select the 'Empty Cache' selector only Press the Reset button

Opera Mac

From the menu bar: Opera > Preferences > Advanced > History > Disc Cache Press the Empty Now button

Opera Windows

From the browser menu: Tools > Preferences > Advanced > History > Disc Cache Press the Empty Now button.

After clearing your browser cache, reload the page to refresh its content.

Selling/Listing an Item

How do I upgrade to a Gold or a Silver seller account?

Please click the Gold Member or Silver Member from the Seller Benefits on the BestMadeInKorea.com left drop-down menu to find more details.

Why can't I add my credit card?

Credit cards can only be used once on BestMadeInKorea.com. When adding or paying with a credit card, make sure:

  • You have entered all information exactly as it appears on your card.
  • Your credit card billing address matches your mailing address and login location.
  • You entered the security code correctly.
  • Your card is not expired.
  • You have not already used the card with another account.

Address Verification System (AVS)

Certain items require you to add a credit card before you can list them. Whether you're adding a credit card on file or paying your account balance with a credit card, address verification system is required.

If your credit card did not go through, contact your bank or credit card provider to ensure that your credit card supports AVS. Otherwise, your items will not be listed.

To make a payment, please try again through a payment service such as Paypal or direct wire transfers. Otherwise contact us directly for other methods.

Credit Card Verification

When adding a credit card, your credit card will also be charged a small random amount between $0.01 - $2.00 (USD). Then the exact amount charged will be reversed to your BestMadeInKorea.com account. This process is to verify the existence of your credit card.<

Why were my item(s) removed?

There can be several reasons why your item listings were automatically removed, which may include but not limited to:

  • Violation of BestMadeInKorea.com's listing policy.
  • Account restriction / suspension.

Why are my items flagged for review?

For the safety of our community and to help prevent the posting of unauthorized, counterfeit or replica products, BestMadeInKorea.com places a temporary hold for three business days on certain item listings.

What triggers the review?

A review is triggered when a new seller lists an item containing certain high-risk keywords in the listing title.

How are listings reviewed?

  • Listings are reviewed in accordance with BestMadeInKorea.com's listing policy. The criterion for review varies, but may include:
  • Products which do not actually exist.
  • Products that infringe or violate the rights of any third party, including without limitation intellectual property rights.
  • Products which in BestMadeInKorea.com’s sole discretion are inflammatory, offensive, controversial or inappropriate.

How long will my items are blocked?

Item listing reviews can take up to three business days. Once the item listings are reviewed and approved, the temporary block is lifted and the item listings are returned to the seller's store.

What happens to item listings deemed unauthorized, counterfeit, or replica?

Unauthorized, counterfeit, or replica item listings are permanently blocked and removed from our index.

How often will this occur?

Sellers whose item listings are approved will typically experience this once. However, sellers whose item listings have been permanently blocked may continue to have listings flagged for review.

What is a pending transaction?

A pending transaction occurs when a guest buyer makes a purchase, but doesn't complete the transaction. The transaction will be pending in your account summary and you will not be charged a final value fee until the buyer chooses a payment option to pay.

Why can't I find my items in search results?

Newly listed and edited items, including images, will appear almost instantly (there may be a minute delay) in your current inventory and store.

However, it may take up to 30 minutes for your items to appear in our search engine.

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics is a FREE analytic tool that tracks visitors to seller stores, providing a convenient way for sellers to understand their buyers with comprehensive visitor data.

Sellers are able to see which of their items are more popular, where buyers are coming from, what keywords buyers are typing, and other vital information to help them optimize their store to provide the best buyer experience.

Google Analytics Tutorial

How do I promote my items with Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social networks to promote your item listings and store. Connecting with Facebook lets you post stories (item listings, ratings, etc.) to your Facebook news feed. Connecting with Twitter will automatically generate a tweet in your Twitter account that links to your item listing every time you post a new item.



Update Your Social Network Settings to promote your items through these social networks.

Can I change the category of an item after it's listed?

Once an item is listed, you CANNOT change the category it's listed in. You can only change its subcategory when you edit the item listing.

If the item is listed in the wrong category, you may end the item listing and re-list the item in the most appropriate category.

Can I list the same item in the same or multiple categories?

No, listing duplicate items in the same or multiple categories is considered spam and not allowed. Your item listings WILL NOT appear in category and search result pages if found in this manner.

When you list an item, please select the most appropriate category and use specific keywords to improve your item's search relevancy. If you have more than one of the same items, please update the item's quantity instead of re-listing the item.

Buying an Item

How to ask a seller a question?

After checking the rating of a seller and reviewing buyer feedback, ask as many questions as you want before committing to a purchase. The “Ask the seller a question” is located below the item images with the item specifics.

How do I contact the seller, exchange an item, or get a refund?

When purchasing an item on BestMadeInKorea.com, payment is sent directly to the seller – we do not collect your payment and do not issue refunds. If you have an issue with a purchase, please file a BestMadeInKorea.com buyer dispute.

How do I track my purchase?

Sellers are responsible for receiving payments and shipping items. You can contact the seller to request shipping information from the seller.

How do I pay for a purchase?

All of your purchases are located under My BestMadeInKorea.com > Buying > Items Bought. Click Checkout to pay for your purchase. On the next page, you'll be asked to confirm your shipping address and choose a payment method to complete the transaction.

Payment options will vary depending on the payment methods your seller accepts. Please only pay for your purchases using a secure payment method. DO NOT pay outside of BestMadeInKorea.com using Western Union or a direct bank/wire transfer.

Why isn't my payment showing up on the transaction?

Sometimes PayPal and other payment service providers don’t post the payment information immediately. However, sellers can always mark the payment as received on the item detail page.

Please contact the seller to ensure that payment was received, as sellers are responsible for receiving payments and shipping items.

What is a Dispute?

BestMadeInKorea.com's dispute process facilitates communication between the buyers and the sellers to resolve issues amicably. When you file a dispute, the seller is notified and given the opportunity to respond accordingly.

BestMadeInKorea.com is an online trading platform, and is not responsible for transactions completed on the site. BestMadeInKorea.com does not issue refunds or exchanges. Sellers are solely responsible for their inventory, receiving payments, and shipping items.

Filing a dispute does not guarantee a refund and should not be used in place of requesting a charge back from your payment provider.

A dispute can be filed by a buyer for any of the following reasons:

  • Item not as described.
  • Non-delivery of goods.
  • Fraudulent items.
  • Damaged items upon arrival.

If you receive a dispute, you are required to respond before you can continue using your account. It is our goal to assist members in resolving marketplace disputes amicably and for the benefit of those concerned.

How do I end or remove a dispute?

When a resolution is agreed upon by both the buyer and seller in a dispute, please contact customer service to cancel the dispute.

However, the dispute cannot be removed from the item detail page; because a public display of the dispute helps prospective buyers and sellers make informed buying and selling decisions.

When can I cancel an offer or transaction?

Canceling a transaction does not guarantee your refund. Request a refund from the seller prior to a cancellation. Only buyers can submit cancellation requests, with a limit of 5 cancellations per month.


A partnership is an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.

Articles of partnership is a voluntary contract between two or among more than two persons to place their capital, labor, and skills, and corporation in business with the understanding that there will be a sharing of the profits and losses between/among partners. Outside of North America, it is normally referred to simply as a partnership agreement.

Common components

There are also multiple sections which are often included as well in articles of partnership, based on the circumstance. These are:

  • Host agreement – includes the granting of one partner the rights to manage and administer the business or a specific department.
  • Majority management – includes the authorization of a majority of partners to manage the affairs of the entire partnership. This is particularly common where there are numerous partners.
  • Annual account – includes provisions to account for, annually, the property and debts of the business.
  • Consistent interest – includes the forbidding of any partner to carry out business unrelated to the partnership. This is usually implied in articles of partnership.
  • Misconduct expulsion – includes the allowance of expelling partners who commit gross misconduct or becomes insolvent, bankrupt, etc. This is particularly common where there are numerous partners.
  • Resolution of dispute – includes the submission of arguments to arbitration.

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The eligible parties are e-market sites, government (government agencies), or similar organizations. Please note that individual manufacturers/ exporters/ importers/ distributors are excluded from the banner exchange subject list.

The banner partners need to post the banner image and a brief description of BestMadeInKorea.com on their website. When a partner’s banner size is too big or small, it may be adjusted to fit the protocol.

If you are eligible and willing to exchange the banner with us, please contact the webmaster. Write "Banner Exchange with BestMadeInKorea.com" in the subject line, and include the URL of your website and the organization’s name in the text line.


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