Global Trading

One of the key strengths and advantages in choosing BMIK is that we are the perfect one-stop solution for guiding participants in foreign shows. With our long-standing relationships with Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) we can offer our exhibitors a range of value-added marketing services, making their participation worth a while.

We help organizations in market studying and preparing reports, representing them in trade organization, press release, direct meetings, advertisements, promoting and introducing. With our excellent reputation we can help build and establish your organization in Korea.

We help you get a 360 degree view of current market trends and market presence of related products and inform you recommendations and strategic decisions almost immediately. Spend less time on minimal tasks and spend more time focusing on what’s important to your customers.

For any Questions and Inquiries, Please contact us here. Incase if you like to send more information by documents or purchase order sheets. Please send email to :-

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