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  • Register yourself:-

    Register in our website by visiting Choose either to register as a Buyer or as a Seller. Fill up the basic information and mark the option “I have read PRIVACY POLICY and agreed to TERMS AND CONDITIONS". By doing so, you agree that you have read and understood our company’s Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions. You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

    • Register as Buyer:- To register as the Buyer, all you need to do is to fill up the basic information about yourself, like Country, Name, Phone Number and Email ID. Your account would be activated immediately and soon you can start searching for the products/services you are looking for.
    • Register as Seller:- To register as a Seller, you should fill up information like Industry, Business Type, Company Name and Keywords, which suits your company. Remember, choosing the right keywords can boost the hits and your company could land first in the search query. Choose the right industry and the business type, which would be helpful for the customers to search for your company. You can choose 4 types of Membership plans, which have been tailored to meet your requirement. You can sign-up choosing Silver, Gold & Premium Membership. You can also signup using Free Membership. To learn more about our membership plans and their amazing benefits, please click here.
    • You can also register both as Buyer & Seller. The process to signup is the same as mentioned above.

  • Searching and Inquiring: -

    You can search for products, buying leads, companies and also for blogs, as per your preference. If you are looking for a certain product/service, please use the option “Products”, which is set as default and type your keywords in the search bar. Our results are accurate and you would find it easy to find all the information about the product/services.

    • Once you have found your desired option, you can click “Inquire Now” option to inquire about the particular product. You can even save the product as your favorite by clicking “Save to Favorites”, but first, you need to login to access this feature.
    • Once you have clicked the option “Inquire Now”, you would redirected to an Inquiry Form, which contains all fields, which is created keeping in mind to meet all the expectations of our buyers. There are lots of options such as Minimum Order Quantity, Payment Terms, Product Details, and Cost etc. Choose the desired options, fill up the form, confirm the captcha code and click “Submit” option to send an inquiry to the manufacturer.
    • You can even buy the products catalog from the manufacturer at the cost of USD $20.

  • Adding New Products:-

    In order to list your products, first you need to login to the account by visiting here. After you have signed in, you would be redirected to Members Panel. Here, you can find number of options to help you in various ways. To add a new product, simply hover over “Products” option in the menu and click the option “Add New Product”. Add the product name, product group, exact keywords, categories and specifications in the “Details” section. As mentioned previously, please choose the right keywords which suits your product.

    There are number of categories to choose from. Select the right category. You can add number of categories. But please make sure to choose the right one. The customer doesn’t want an unrelated item appearing in his section. We advise you to read our “Product Listing Policies” before you can a new product.

    You can even add the photos of the products, which would be created as a slideshow after listing the product. Click “Post It Now” option, to list the product. Your product would be listed as soon as possible and you would be provided with a link.

  • For any further assistance, feel free to Contact Us here.

For any Questions and Inquiries, Please contact us here. Incase if you like to send more information by documents or purchase order sheets. Please send email to :-

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