Tyco 1-1394916-2 Connector for POF MOST

Tyco 1-1394916-2 Connector for POF MOST

Tyco 1-1394916-2 Connector for POF MOST Made in Korea


POF connectors for Car MOST Cable Assembly -Tyco 1-1394916-1

Product: MOST cable-Tyco 1-1394916-1


• Parameter Unit Value

• Core Diameter mm 1.0/0.25/0.5/0.75

• Outside Diameter mm 2.2~9.0mm±0.1mm

• Fiber Material --- PMMA

• Jacket Material --- Polyamide 12 ( PA 12 )

• Typical Attenuation dB/m 0.2(Wavelength:650nm

• Refractive Index --- Step Index

• Insertion Loss dB 3.0

• Minimum Bend Radius mm 25

• Angle of incidence ° 60°

• Interchangeability dB 0.5

• Tensile Strength N 0.5dB(0~80N)

• Vibration --- 0.5dB(5~50Hz)

• Operating Temperature °C -55°C-+85°C

• Storage Temperature °C -55°C-+85°C


• Digital radios

• GPS navigation system

• Active speakers

• CD changers

• Video displays

• Interactive security system


• Light & Tight, save the installation space

• Good Flexibility and Impact Resistance

• Can transmit synchronous data, asynchronous data and control data

• Support Plug and Play

• Anti-Electromagnetic Interference & Anti-Radio Wave Interference

• High Transfer Rate and speed. MOST25 Standard supports 125Mbps and MOST150 Standard supports 150Mbps

M.O.S.T (Media Oriented Systems Transprot) Standard is made up by 16 main car manufacturers in Europe in 2000, which

commands the Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) as the transmission medium of data transimission in cars. It is mainly used

in the cars’ Entertainment System and improveds the inner transimission speed to 900Mbit/s.

• M.O.S.T predominantes in short-distance data transport and industrial automation field, especially in improving the security and entertainment data transportation

For more information, please visit http://www.bones-electronics.com/html_products/Tyco-1-1394916-2-Fiber-Optic-Connector-132.html

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