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Keumbicheon - From old days, there has been habitate of native species of pasqueflower around a creek in Okcheon-kun, the place of perfume. In the spring of 2000, a mutant of Pulsatilla koreana was found and we have modified the species and developed as new species of Keumbicheon which has same character of native pasqueflower. We will make the world beautifully with Keumbicheon.   Origin of pasqueflower(White head grandfather)In Chinese, the meaning of the name, pasqueflower is old man with white hair. It originated from the fact its fruit, after flower falls, looks like head of old man with white beard. Ornamental plantIt is inherent plant which can come into spotlight as wild flower item in spring season and can be planted in school educational garden, public park, natural study field, recreation forest and youth retreat. Keumbicheon, Pulsatilla koreana is rare species.   Suitable place of cultivation Place with good ventilation and well drained fertile soil is suitable for cultivation.It is better to plant at deep soil for long-term management. Propagation For seedling propagation, it will germinate 2~3 weeks after seedling. Direct and random planting are possible. Division should be done in March not to cut root too short. Propagation by seed takes 2~3 years after seedling. During min cultivation, cut taproot to induce the development of lateral root. For root cutting, rooting percentage will be high if planting in soil mixed with sand and vermiculite in late March cutting the root into 5cm. Root of pasqueflower grows thick and long Select proper place with good sunshine, ventilation and drain for transplantation. Optimum time of transplantation is March to April or end of September. Sufficient watering is required immediately after transplantation. Water management- Open Field Culture Leave as it is. However flower bud grows from end of February to mid of April and moisture is required in this time. If soil gets dry due to dry weather, sufficient watering makes flower rich. Keumbicheon Does it usher spring containing whole winter?It sings the beauty of nature from end of March to mid of April. It is native flower that the shape of leave and stem is similar to indigenous pasqueflower but color is light yellow and it flowers 30~40% more and it passes the winter well anywhere like native pasqueflower. It is more beautiful if it is in harmony with indigenous pasqueflower. One flower stock of 3~4 year old Keumbicheon 20~30 flowers blossom out from end of March to end of April and the older the flower is the more elegant appearance it has. Around end of April, Keumbicheon becomes grandfather and creates a spectacular sight making world beautiful with another evolution. It is hard to understand the beauty of Keumbicheon which blossoms around April only passing by as it hide itself slouching. Keumbicheon is ready in small flower pot to be sold to make the world be beautiful.

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